5 Random Things About Girls!

Random Things About Girls

5 Random Things About Girls!

I am glad to inform you that our positive patron brigade is growing! And, this is one of the most requested articles. It has come to my attention that guys assume a lot of things about us that may or may not be true. It can be bothersome to many! Well, like guys, all girls cannot be stereotyped and put under one umbrella. Girls can be all fickle, mean, adorable, nice and kind. Also, a lot more confusing at times! We can be associated with all sorts of good and bad adjectives.

So before we start, let me give a quick disclaimer. The points covered are from my observation and experience, also they are plain random, so read up to find out if you can relate. This can be the answer to… what are the things ‘about girls’ that they wish guys understood.

Number 1: We are emotional beings. But, we tend to be very strong when in tough circumstances.

Number 2: We do not get ready to attract guys, but to feel good about ourselves. Looking presentable gives us confidence. To elaborate it, I can say we feel more confident to address a crowd or visit a party or an important function when we look presentable and feel good, as compared to the time when we have 3 huge pimples on our face or are not comfortable in what we are wearing.

Number 3: A genuine, heartfelt compliment can make our day! Yes, shower them. Fake compliments are a straight No-No.

Number 4: We can easily differentiate between a flirty comment and a flattering compliment.

Number 5: We love our family. We can do anything for our family and, all we need is some respect and love.


Some Random Facts About Girls

  • We come in different sizes, shapes, colours just as you do! And, we want to get accepted, loved, and, sometimes told that we are beautiful. 🙂
  • Not all of us are crazy about shoes or are obsessed with branded stuff. Some of us even do not enjoy shopping. #Lol, yes we exist.
  • Most of us like to be organised and are great multi-taskers.
  • Times have changed, many of us now are ambitions, have goals, careers and dreams in life.
  • When the need be, we can be the best care takers and healers.
  • We love to get clicked! And, love to take pretty pictures. (How could I not write this one!)

So these were some random things about girls! Hope you had a good time reading this article. Girls, do let me know if you can relate to it or no. Also, you can share some other interesting facts about girls if you wish to as I would love to hear from you. Comment below or write to me at writerscorner@ideasthroughwords.com.

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  1. Heyy Meghana…I could relate to 1st & 5th more.. This blog really made me to take out some time for myself & think in depth about me…Thanks

  2. Honestly..I could relate to almost all the points.. the best one being.. guys always think “girls get ready to impress them” ughh… !! We get ready to feel good.. :)Yes.
    Well-observed article..nice.. !!

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