5 things Queen Padmavati would do, if she was alive today!

5 things Queen Padmavati would do, if she was alive today!

5 things Queen Padmaavati would do if she was alive today!

Disclaimer: This article is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone or any group. It is not religious or talking about any religion. It is light-hearted and completely hypothetical! No animals were harmed while writing this article.

So, I recently watched the much talked about and one of the most controversial films of this time – PADMAAVAT. Since I could not watch the first-day first show of the film, it does not make any sense to review the film now as I am pretty late for that. But since many of you wrote to me asking about the film, here’s what I have for you guys! A hypothetical scenario stating the 5 things that the Queen Padmavati may do if she was alive today and have watched the film! (Again, before hating me, read the disclaimer!)

Correct the facts that are wrongly glorified about her and probably narrate the real story!

Before jumping into the writing part, I researched a little bit about the Rajputs of Chittor and a lot about Rani Padmini. So, it seems like there are so many different scriptures and poems that say different things about the queen who was the princess of Singhal, now Sri Lanka. Also, the film is also a fictional representation like it is mentioned in the ten thousand disclaimers (hyperbole) that were stated before the film! So, I think the queen would probably narrate what really happened and share the real story. 🙂

May feel happy that she is still remembered and worshipped by many!

Keeping aside the controversy for a moment, it is a happy thing that a filmmaker of 21st century wants to glorify the courage and bravery of a Queen from the 13th-14th century. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the entire team invested their time, energy and effort glorifying the bravery of a lady of that time. People are making the most expensive film in the history of Bollywood with a female protagonist. This is such an important thing to note. And, it is about the Rajput pride Queen Padmavati, her contribution was super significant in that era and somewhat in this one too. Revolution and big changes do not happen with ease!

Give a pat on the back to Deepika for her magnificent performance!

How can we ignore how awesome Deepika Padukone was as the royal Queen Padmavati. She just leaves the spectators in awe! She is this magnanimous personality and lights up the screen with her royal presence. The actress did so much more than just acting. She became the character to such an extent that I forget I am watching Deepika on several occasions. The emotion of holding back when her husband was abducted. Being strong and so mindful in situations where any normal human could easily break down. The lady truly held herself as a queen!

Also, that dialogue: “Rajput Kangan Mein Bhi Utni Hi Takat Hoti Hai Jitni Rajputani Talwar Mein!”

(I heard, all the feminists in the backdrop were weeping with joy!)

‘Desh Nikala’ (or probably Kaaravas) to all the Karni Sena Members from their own Samaj & Desh for being such….

I am not even elaborating this, seriously.

Wonder what was the fuss all about? Just like many of us!

Yes! What was the chaos all about? The Rajput pride is glorified and held up with all the dignity in the film. Shahid Kapoor as the Rajput King was the epitome of goodness. What was the reason for the fuss? People just have too much time to kill I guess. Else, there are so many issues that need time and attention. The serious problems like child marriage, women trafficking, selling young girls, and rapes are still bigger and serious issues that are more important to encounter. If the rage was directed to solve these, some better solution could have come out. But, Alasss…. we cannot expect sanity from our fellow humans right!

Now, coming back to the film. Many of you asked me to review it and about its story in short. To which I am assuming that many of you must have already watched the movie by now. Still, I am adding this video by one of my favourite movie critics Sucharita Tyagi as I more or less agree with her completely on this.

Sucharita, you have my heart sister! Kya explain karti ho aap 😊 She is simply a delight to watch and her reviews are fun and full of humour, just the way I like them!

Her show is called as ‘Not A Movie Review’ on Film Companion, just in case you already do not know. You must subscribe to her, she is damn cool.

So, this is what I have for you about Padmaavat! 🙂

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  1. I agreee to what you said that there many more issues that we can focus on and make a change.. Deepika Padukone is a true beauty..

  2. One definite things she would have done is to ask the female family member of the Karni Sena & other associated to beat the hell out of their menu for promoting/advertising mass suicide of ‘women’

  3. One definite things she would have done is to ask the female family member of the Karni Sena & other associated to beat the hell out of their men for promoting/advertising mass suicide of ‘women’

  4. This is what I call a review after review. I totally agree with your article, there was no need to create such a fuss. I love the way the article flows.

  5. Truly said. Even I got a little baffled n thought that people should at least wait and watch it first before creating such chaos. And very accurately pinned Meghana that there are real and grave issues of indian society to be addressed. Nice article indeed.

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