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Let me take a moment to appreciate your choice and your intelligence as you took out time to drop by here! 😉 I am liking you already!

I am Meghana Pawar, and I am glad that you are here! 🙂

Meghana Pawar

About the website:

ideasthroughwords.com is your happy space on the web! 🙂 (At least, I intend to do that for you! )

Ideas Through Words is for Everything You  ‘We’ Need To Live An Enriching Life! 

It covers subjects that you and I both will love to read and explore more! Everything that is important in our life. Including…

Lifestyle | Health & Fitness | Books | Food | Inspiration & Growth | Money | Fashion and more.

A special note about the ‘Celebrating Women’ section:

Women are gifted. I immensely respect women who tend to take steps to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams despite the odd circumstances. This section is dedicated to such strong women who rose up and are shining brightly. I intend to do so much around this subject because I can totally understand that the struggle is real. Together, we can inspire and bring up each other in this journey called life and sort happiness! <3

Allow me to introduce myself  🙂

I am a Professional Content Writer, Editor, and Blogger. I am a personal growth junkie, currently working in the arena of Entertainment Journalism. A true bibliophile, movie buff, and a kiddo at heart. I am a meditation and yoga enthusiast! This blog and my writings have rendered wings to my expressions. I love to connect with positive souls on social media and get out of my introvert cocoon!

I am a curious learner and an ambitious soul who loves exploring newness. When I am not blogging or writing for clients, you will find me daydreaming or reading. ideasthroughwords.com is my brainchild and I love it with all my heart. Here I get to express my ideas through words and share all the joy with other kindred spirits!

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Education Qualification:

I have completed my graduation in Mass Media with specialization in Advertising and, was amongst the University Toppers (Mumbai). Later, I pursued my Post Graduation in Advertising and Public Relations with specialization in Copy Writing and, was the batch topper.

Work Experience:

With over 5 years of experience, I have added value to several organizations through my work in the advertising and writing domain. As a freelancer, I have been associated with several websites of different genres and niches. I expertise as a web content writer, freelance writer, blogger, ghostwriter, translator, proof-reader, copy editor, digital media, print media and social media marketing executive. Apart from blogging, I am currently working in the arena of Entertainment Journalism. Also, I have been working in the field of teaching and educating school children and college students since the last 8 years.

Volunteer Activities:

I love volunteering for NGOs and Help Groups. Being a committed volunteer of The Art of Living Foundation (INGO), I have participated actively in multiple service projects. Also, I am a part of the IMWITHU Group that empowers the orphanages and old age homes in Mumbai.

To work with me, please write to me at writerscorner@ideasthroughwords.com

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Thank you so much for dropping by 🙂 Happy Reading!

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