Achieve and flourish in 2018 – a special recommendation!

Achieve and flourish in 2018

Achieve and flourish in 2018 – a special recommendation!

In the first book that I fully read when I was 13, the 7 habits of Highly effective teenagers, Author Sean Covey said: “A Goal which is written down is 10 times more powerful!” From then on, I started writing down my goals and eventually achieving them one at a time!

I am a stationary person. If you want to make me happy, gift me cute stationery and books, nothing else is required. Also, I am a big fan of writing. I almost write everything and make lists of the things you won’t even imagine 😛

2017 has truly been an eventful year and the best one professionally. The passing year was truly a blessing in terms of so many things, it taught me a lot, I achieved so much be it financial or spiritual growth, I had the best of both worlds. There were also so many downsides that made me realize and understand things better. Now, I want 2018 to be even better not just for myself but for my near and dear ones and most importantly you guys, because of whom I could take my journey as a blogger ahead. #Grateful

I want you guys to achieve and flourish in 2018 too! So, this year I urge you, not just encourage but urge you to write your goals down and plan how you will achieve them. 😊

You can mail me if you wish to and I’ll be there cheering and supporting you throughout! Reader mails are my favourite I have even printed a few of the emails you guys have sent me!

No matter how professional and dedicated I am when it comes to working, I am a kiddo at heart. So, I was looking out for some really inspiring, useful and cute calendar for my desk and I came across this one! I fell in love with it immediately as it is just perfect and has all the essentials that I was looking out for! Also, this is not a sponsored post, it is a genuine recommendation! I can’t even express my joy of holding this pretty calendar in my hands!

12 Months 12 Goals Calendar! 

Achieve and flourish in 2018Achieve and flourish in 2018

  • Space for writing down important stuff
  • Mentioned Holidays and Commemorative days (Mother’s Day, yoga day etc.)
  • Sturdy and size is just right (not too big nor small) It is appropriate for your work or study desk
  • Free Printable Recipes
  • The ultimate gift for working professionals, students, homemakers and everyone who love to keep up with their goals!
  • Value for money!

Talking about gifts, this website that I found has an amazing array of gifting options. I fell in love with them as they are so chic and cool! (Itna acha laga ki pura article hi likh dia bhai socho!) 😊 When you work in a corporate, there are 100 occasions when you have to gift someone something and you are like ab kya karu 😛 These cards are just right for such occasions. They can be perfect posters, inspiring desk cards, birthday cards or any happy occasion gifting open, you ought to explore the page at

Jotter Books:


Cards, Posters, Wallet Cards, Stickers and More!


Hope you enjoyed exploring the collection! 🙂 This is the last article of this year for you and I wanted to add utmost value to you guys, hope I managed to do the same 🙂

A very Happy New Year to you and Thank You for being you! 🙂 

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