All about baking and cakes: Q & A with Engineer turned Cake Designer Poonam Rajdeo!

Baking and cakes

All about baking and cakes: Q & A with Engineer turned Cake Designer Poonam Rajdeo!

This month of March I have planned a series of amazing posts lined up for you! So, that both you and I can learn a thing or two! This march let us all get to know some real women who are breaking the stereotypes and creating their own path! Because, we do not need anyone to make us happy, right? 🙂  I love women who take steps to better and improve their lives. 

So, today’s article is a special one because it is a Q and A with my dear friend Cake Designer Poonam Rajdeo. Poonam managed to chase her dreams at the right time and followed her passion which as she says, made her life a celebration! Here we will talk all about baking and cakes!

Let us learn Poonam’s story and cease some inspiration!

Here is the special Q & A section for you! 🙂

  • So Poonam, tell us about your educational background.

Ans: I have completed my B.E. in I.T. from Amravati University. I used to teach Java in coaching classes before taking up Baking.

  • How did you get into baking and cakes? Where and how were you trained?

Ans. Well, it’s a childhood love. I started baking cakes when I was 13 and it never ever stopped, definitely it was an amateur one then. I started teaching Java, it’s a programming language and it was going good. Later, I started feeling something is missing. Being good at logic & programming, I was enjoying teaching. But my mind never stopped seeking the missing thing and then I could discover my first love and passion, that is making cakes. I gave it a thought for few days to know how clear and intense am I about it. And, realized this is something I can do 24×7 and will not get bored. So, I did survey of colleges all over Mumbai (decided to learn from the best college) and it was a wonderful experience.

I found this field so welcoming and surprising. I shortlisted two best colleges, quota was full in one of them, so I did my Certification Course in Bakery and Confectionery from Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Hospitality & Tourism Studies in 2014. Getting trained from Chef. Siraj Sir who has been in this field from past 25 years, it was so helpful and awesome. Concepts related to bakery and patisserie from smallest to the biggest things were made clear in the course. College used to organize few events, competitions and seminars to encourage us and it helped a lot.

  • Share with us your passion story about baking!

Ans. This is a really difficult question to answer. Only thing I know that it’s a God gift, I just unwrapped it by realizing. And, I feel satisfied, uplifted and happy by making Cakes.

  • How did the idea of  “Poonam Cakes” strike, how has been the journey so far?

Ans. The journey has been awesome with a few ups and downs. I am publicizing it through Facebook posts and many clients do share with their friends about my work. My clients are just amazing, few leave designing part up to me and rest of them come with some unique and crazy ideas, which ultimately increases the possibilities for me to try new things. It feels so unique. Each day I find myself happier, satisfied and peaceful than before. Though it’s a long path, which surely I am going to enjoy. I will learn more and more as adventures come up.

Baking and Cakes

 Cute Cakes by  Poonam Rajdeo!

  • Any memorable experience?

Ans. There are many, I do share them in my Facebook posts.

  • Your message for my readers regarding starting their dream project.

Ans. If you are interested and clear about something, life goes in that direction. And, if you are ready to take up responsibilities of your own actions and decisions, life becomes a celebration.

Wow! Baking and cakes are Poonam’s life! With all her mouth watering cake posts on social media, one cannot resist but is tempted to taste the cakes that she makes! What I learn from Poonam’s journey is that it is never too late to follow your dreams and change your path if needed. Strong women take responsibility of their own happiness! Like Popular YouTuber Lilly Singh aka Superwoman says, “Happiness Is The Only Thing Worth Fighting For!” Fight for your dreams if you have to and claim your happiness because it is worth it!

Baking and cakes
Me and Poonam casually chilling up in here!

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Did you like today’s special Q & A? Do you also have a long cherished dream that you want to follow? Share with us in the comments below!

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