Be Festival Ready: Mix & Match Stylish Ethnic Wear For Navratri!

Filling the atmosphere with its piousness, Navratri is here, right outside knocking the door. With everything going so sacred in and around, I am sure you do not want to give it a miss for dolling yourselves. Then why the word ethnic wear should revolve around only ghagras, lehengas and sarees? Certainly these attires are bounty to provide women the Goddess grace, but let’s add a pinch of contemporary style to the ethnicity and move towards semi-ethnic style. 😉 Explore the best of stylish ethnic wear for Navratri!

Here I am trying to blend some Indian, some western, a pinch of retro and more styles together to bring up some stylish ethic wear for Navratri. You can mix and match dresses at home, without burning your wallets. So, here are a few courtly and worthy try outs, for all you beautiful women.

Long skirts are the ‘in thing’ and make up to a stylish ethnic wear for Navratri:

Try replacing your ghagra with a long stylish skirt to bring up something out of the regular. Pair it with a top having three fourth sleeves or elbow length sleeves in pink tones to complete your ethnic look. You can also drape a matching scarf with subtle mirror work, around your neck. This would give you a feel of donning a ghagra itself and pouring oodles of style at the same time.

Stylish Ethnic Wear For Navratri

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Maroon Taffeta Silk Embroidered Crop Top & Skirt with Dupatta

Adorn dhoti salwars with short kurtis:

Keeping the ethnicity intact, dhoti salwars add a tad extra oomph. Here, you can replace heels with flats, ballerinas or Indian Punjabi style flat shoes, for the comfort. Your flats could have a subtle shimmer, golden or silver or any neutral metal colour to add more quotient. This complete attire could certainly be nothing short of a stylish ethnic wear for Navratri.

Stylish ethnic wear for Navratri

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Dhoti Salwars:

I believe picking neutral colours keep you out of hassle of digging your head into mixing and matching colours.

Pack of 3 White, Pink And Black Dhoti Salwars


Ballerinas: Being stylish does not mean, compromising on your comfort. Opting for flats will leave you highly comfortable while dangling dandiya sticks with your partners. 🙂Punjabi Juttis:

Now these are really my favourite. A good blend for a varied range of dresses, the Punjabi juttis add a desi style and punch to your stylish ethnic wear for Navratri.

Stylish ethnic wear for Navratri

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Palazzos are yet another pick that could be gambled upon as a replacement of your ghagra. Mixing it with a jacket like here or even a waist length and three fourth sleeved top would do wonders.

Stylish ethnic wear for Navratri


Now for the jewellery, the tip here is, if you are doing an elaborately worked dress, then opt for moderately intricate jewellery. Otherwise another good option is to wear a subtly done upper with little embellished jewellery. Metallic jewellery and abstract jewellery designs are always show stealers.

Metallic necklace and ear-rings:


Metallic Jewellery:

You can adorn this type of light beaded jewellery when you wear a little heavy upper. This would enhance your over all look with pinch of sophistication.jw-2

Guest Post by Sonali Singh, 🙂 edited by Meghana Pawar

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  1. Yeah ghagra gets a bit heavy to carry for long.. Palazzo would b nice.. As far as comfort is concerned..nice suggestions though.. !!

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