Best guide to all the HSC/SSC students who are stressed about EVERYTHING after results!

Feeling lost about your future? Depressed because of your under-performance in HSC/SSC? Relax, take a breather. I have something to say…

To all the HSC/SSC students… so, the results are out! You’re highly troubled by the constant investigation about your score by your friends, family and relatives. I get it. I get it all. May be you have underperformed and are regretting it or may be your score is pretty decent but, is less than what you have expected and hence, is making you sad. You must be worried about what to do next. Puzzled with an array of options before you and, a number of questions that are running in your mind, like which college to take, what field to choose and so on. At this point, your parents are equally stressed about your future and what choices you make.

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So, first thing you need to do is, relax! Take a deep breath and shed all that tension and stress lines on your forehead. This is not the end of the world. Yes, the decision is important and can affect many things but, remember it is not more important than you, your smile.

Wondering what to do next? Check this out:

Have clarity of mind:

It is significant to have clarity of mind at this point in order to take the right decision. Don’t get bogged down by outer circumstances, peer pressure, parental pressure or anything else. This is the time to keep your head high and stay strong. Keep you mind clear, weigh all the options.

Accept it:

Next thing is accept your score/percentage and think what can be done next. If you have got a score that you are not happy with, there is no point in crying and cribbing about it now. It is just making you miserable and wasting your present. Accept whatever your score is and take lessons from it, study hard next time. Focus on what can be done now.

Open up to someone who cares:

This is extremely important. Being depressed and worrying about your problems and concerns alone will lead you nowhere. Students tend to keep suffocating themselves with all their issues until it’s too late.

Take Right Guidance:

Taking the right guidance and taking guidance from random sources makes the difference. Talking to your classmate who is equally confused or talking to an experienced person from your desired field, makes the difference. Talk to a teacher or an elder who can give you proper knowledge on the subject you seek help. Please do not get influenced by inappropriate people who might want to brainwash you for their interests. HSC/SSC students are highly misguided, do not fall into the trap.

To give you my example:

After my 12th, a person who I think was my well wisher was suggesting me to take up CA (Charted Accountant) and give the entrance exam as he owned the classes for it. He even offered discount on the class fees. That was completely insane because I was not even thinking of doing CA, although my accounts was good and I like the subject, my calculations are horrible. I was interested in a creative field. Many of my mates opted for CA entrance on the suggestion! Thanks to God, I had the brains to choose what was right for me.

Be updated about the facts:

Be updated about the colleges, cut off percentages, the documents that are needed, final dates of submission and all other important details. List out the colleges you want to try out. Do something that will take you a step ahead.

Have Faith:

At last, I would say, have faith! Believe in yourself! Talk to yourself and unleash your interests that are hidden inside you. Your parents, elders, although at this point may seem irritating to some of you, but, they actually are equally stressed and worried for you. They want the best for you and hence they react. So, my friend, trust your higher self or God, or whoever you believe in! HE definitely has great plans for you! 🙂

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Hope this helps… With all the love, blessings and good wishes to all the HSC/SSC students and other board pass-outs, and also who could not make it through this time. At the end, everything is bound to fall into place. And, after a few years this situation will make you laugh, so chill.

This article was especially for all the lovely young students and my younger bro who just passed out HSC with a relatively good score, but, is stressed like all the students of his age tend to be. Bro, I hope I could help you a little bit with this article. I love you and we all do. We know you are capable of making right decisions and will rock whatever you choose to do. XOXO

LOL, 😀 😛

Do comment below and let me know if you found this useful. I love to hear from my lovely readers. I read every response!! 🙂 Thank you all for the support 🙂 Hope each one of you have a great day and a great life.  🙂

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