Book Review: Bag It All is an inspiring biography of Baggit M.D. Nina Lekhi

Bag It All by Nina Lekhi

Title: Bag It All

Author: Nina Lekhi and Co-Author Suman Chhabria Addepalli with a foreword by BestSelling Author Rashmi Bansal

Publication: Jaico Publishing House

Number of Pages: 214
Baggit team sent me a copy for reviewing the book Bag It All which is a biography of Baggit M.D. Nina Lekhi. I had done a project on Baggit during my Mass Media days and have been following Nina Lekhi’s work since then. I was always aware of her incredible accomplishments. But, this book made me dive deep into her world and gain valuable insights on life and her heroic business adventures.

Bag It All is a clean and easy read. All the chapters and lessons flow smoothly, so the reader can grasp things effortlessly. I finished reading the book in less than two days! Her business mantras are clear and simple, and so is her life. Nina Lekhi is a strong woman who took the right steps at the right time. The beautiful thing that I found is, she managed to work with her family, taking all the conflicts and hardships that came along in the right stride. Her life progressed along with the growth of Baggit. Becoming a wife and a mother did not deter her enthusiasm which is something to adhere.

Bag It All by Nina Lekhi
Nina Lekhi with her bags!

What started as a ‘ghar ka business’ to a teenager, grew into a 100 crore company by sheer hard work, dedication, street smartness, along with spirituality at its core. I am also a very spiritual person and understand the power of meditation. It is wonderful to learn about the Baggit culture and how spirituality plays a vital role in it. The strong mention of SSY Programs and the way it guided their family well-being along with business decisions is commendable.

While reading the book, I was amazed how there was no stopping for the lady entrepreneur. How she just rose from one success to another seamlessly without a break! There are listed learning lessons after each chapter, however it would have been great if her business mantras and actionable steps were put together for the reader and young entrepreneurs at the end. That would have been like a cherry on the cake!

Just when I was coming towards reading the last few pages, I was thinking what more can a bag company achieve? Next, I read something that blew my mind. In the long-term goal section, the Baggit M.D. wrote: “I want Baggit to contribute its bit to improving the currency imbalance between India and the developed countries.”

Seriously, sky is the limit if you hold your dreams tight and fly! I love such strong women who cross milestones with their power of intent and love!

If you want to buy the book, please click here: Bag it All

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