Book Review: Bjinis Woman by Tanuja Chandra is an entertaining rollercoaster ride!

Bijnis Woman by Tanuraj Chandra, Book Review

Book Review: Bjinis Woman by Tanuja Chandra is an entertaining rollercoaster ride!

Title: Bijnis Woman

Author: Tanuja Chandra

Publication: Penguin Books

Number of Pages: 193

Bjinis Woman by Tanuja Chandra Book Review:

Honestly, I picked up this book as the title caught my attention. I pre-assumed this to be an entrepreneur journey of an Indian lady. You will often catch me reading entrepreneurial books or self-help books more than novels. I had also written a post about why we all should dig our heads into self-help and development books. Coming back to Bjinis Woman by Tanuja Chandra, this book is pretty different from my pre-assumptions. It offers 14 different short stories which are a mixture of real and fiction, all from the land of UP, India.

Although, it was not what I expected it to be but all the stories are super interesting and had my undivided attention while reading them. The sub head line of the book reads: “Stories of Uttar Pradesh I Heard from My Parents, Mausis, Buas, and Chachas!” The book rendered valuable insights about the small-town mentality. The stories were full of fun, entertainment, drama, suspense and some were even thrilling! Also, the narrative flows easily and effortlessly in every tale and the readers do not need to force themselves upon it. The readers get involved with the characters and their stories naturally which is the best part. The author has very well weaved all the stories and presented them neatly for you and me!

Special mention to the last story titled ‘Bijnis Woman’, I skipped a few stories to read it first and then came back to the skipped ones. It is an interesting tale about a very smart woman with inbuild entrepreneurial skills who managed to start a successful business with almost nothing in hand. The author is an eminent filmmaker and has directed several films and plays with sheer brilliance. The lady has also written screenplays and dialogues for popular films in Bollywood. Bijnis Woman is her first book which is appreciated by several biggies of the industry including Amitabh Bachchan who reviewed the book and said: “For me reading the book evoked absolute nostalgia!”

Last Word:

The short narratives comprise tales of sadness, unfulfilled love, revenge, the old traditions, betrayal and so on! It is surely a roller-coaster ride emotionally for the reader. You may or may not like all the stories as they are of vivid flavors weaved together, but for me, it was surely a good weekend read. So, if you love masaledar and quirky stories that are super Indian, you can surely pick up this book for sure!

Rating: 3.5/5

You can buy Bijnis Woman by Tanuja Chandra from Amazon at a discounted rate. Or can shop it from a bookstore near you 😊

Have you read the book? If yes do let me know how did you like it in the comments below and if not, drop by and tell me if you are planning to pick it up! 🙂

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