Book Review: Corporate Avatars by Author Disha is relatable, engaging & entertaining!

Corporate Avatars

Book Review: Corporate Avatars by Author Disha is relatable, engaging and entertaining!

Title: Corporate Avatars

Author: Disha Chhabra

Publication: Jaico Publishing House

Number of Pages: 195

Corporate Avatars by Author Disha Chhabra Book Review:

This book is one relatable affair. When I read the summary of the book, I had a fair idea that I am going to have a fun time reading it. And, yes, it was not just fun but very relatable. I could imagine the characters mentioned in the book clearly! If you ever worked in a corporate office, you can resonate with at least some parts of the book as every office has these quirks and the author rightly has some wisdom to share with the readers.

So all the corporate fellow mates, get ready to relate and nod your head in agreement at regular intervals. The characters and situations mentioned in every chapter are so relevant. Author Disha who has been working in the corporate world for over a decade not only shares how it is to work in a professional setting but gives valuable suggestions to deal with tricky situations and people. All this without making it look preachy, cracking one joke at a time. Readers can easily identify with some or the other character and resound the personality trait to a real person. There are 40 colourful personalities mentioned! Working in a corporate setting involves dealing with all kinds of people, working in teams and it is not easy to deal with certain situations and people that are like a roadblock to your growth. Corporate politics is also a thing, then there are appraisal and promotion issues among several other hitches! The book provides valuable solutions to complex problems but in a light-hearted manner.

I am literally planning to gift this book ‘Corporate Avatars by Author Disha’ to my friends who are office goers so they can share a laugh too!️ I love to support authors and writers so I prefer gifting books on special occasions. You can have a look at the animated video to get a better glimpse of what’s inside the book.

If you want to buy the book, you can get it at good discounts from Amazon. Look for Corporate Avatars by Author Disha here.

I also got the opportunity to read the author’s first book “My Beloved’s MBA Plans” which is again an amazing book. Honestly, my perception about happy couples and marriages is a bit blur. I hardly have seen happy couples and perfect relationships, which has a huge impact on my thought process. But the book was like a different world where real-life couple stories are highlighted where they support each other and fulfill their dreams. The book narrates around sixteen unique stories of couples who despite odds stuck together and lived their dreams. For me, it was surreal and at the same time it gave me hope! It is a lovely reading the stories of real life couples who helped their better half fulfill ‘the MBA Dream’ even if it meant afew adjustments and sacrifices on their part. Also, it was fun reading some masaledar, some not very masaledar, some serious, some fun stories of couples which made it an entertaining affair!

If you want to buy the book, you can get it at good discounts from Amazon. Check My Beloved’s MBA Plans here.

Corporate Avatars by Author Disha

So this week, I leave you with two new books! You’re welcome 😉 Comment below and let me know how did you find the books and if you have already read them or are planning to! I would love to know 🙂

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