Book Review: Hope Express by Ketan Vaidya will steal every Mumbaikar’s heart!

Hope Express by Ketan Vaidya

Book Review: Hope Express by Ketan Vaidya will steal every Mumbaikar’s heart!

Title: Hope Express

Author: Ketan Vaidya

Publication: LiFi Publications

Number of Pages: 127

Hope Express by Ketan Vaidya Book Review:

The Mumbaikar in you will thank you for picking up this book. And, if you are not from the city, you will definitely learn a thing or two about it. Okay, where do I begin! Honestly, I was not even supposed to do a review on the blog but I am because I loved it so damn much! The story is fascinating and being a Mumbaikar, I enjoyed every bit of it! Author Ketan Vaidya has written a masterpiece for his debut. And, he has played his cards well by writing about things that he knows in and out. The author who has been a journalist himself explored the story of a young Mumbai boy who dreams to be a journalist! The author explores the story of Raghu’s dreams, his budding love life, and typical Mumbaikar issues in a likable manner.

The story is carved so well that it keeps the readers engaged throughout. It did not turn boring for even a little while. The narrative is simple and entertaining. The characters are developed so skillfully that you feel the connection with them. Apart from the protagonist Raghu, the other characters namely Roshni, Ganpatrao, Babu, NMC are also highlighted rightly. Through the story, the author tries to picture Mumbai. Ketan Vaidya also covers how a commoner in Mumbai lives, the slangs of the city, the chawl systems, comparisons with Delhi, the rains…the awful rains, and other nuances that are captured beautifully! Also, another aspect that I would like to mention is how smoothly the author transcends the narrative from past to present. It makes the story very comprehensible, plus it is just 127 pages!

I could just find one or two minor editing mishaps and glitches but apart from that, full points for the book. So much so that it made me write an entire page for the review and trust me I am not even paid for saying all this! I guess, this year I have read 11 books so far and this is one of the best ones. Highly recommended guys!

Rate: 4/5

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