Book Review: I Am Another You by Author Priya Kumar

I Am Another You

Title: I Am Another You

Author: Priya Kumar

Publication: Embassy Book Distributors

Number of Pages: 186

I Am Another You by Priya Kumar is one of those books that upset you when you finish reading them because you are craving for more! I literally miss reading it every night since the day I have finished it. It is Priya Kumar’s spiritual journey that she took in Netherlands to uplift herself after a setback in life. The narrative is a story of powerful breakthroughs! With this story, the author conveys a significant message that we all are one at some level.

I am also a very spiritual being and I thrive on spirituality for my growth and well-being. So, I could relate to what the author was trying to carry through the pages. The message that the book renders is insightful and thought provoking. No wonder it is a No. 1 best seller and has won several awards!

I Am Another You is Priya Kumar’s journey that she underwent in Netherlands with the Shamans. The author mentioned a total of five important and extremely powerful rituals and spiritual processes that she experienced there. Her learnings are lessoned for the readers at regular intervals, that will make your reading sessions even more fun. Taking part in difficult yet important rituals and looking at life with a different perspective made her change and look at problems differently. After walking through all the rituals with the shamans, the author went back home being a renewed person with a vision of changing lives positively.

The book is filled with brilliant anecdotes and quotes that will leave an impact on you strongly. I wanted to hug the author after reading a few of the incidents mentioned while she was going through those processes.

Quoting a line from Chapter 2: “Your destiny is your path, you don’t wait for others to step up first. You are the only one who can take the initiative for your own destiny. Step up.”

Another Quote from Chapter 5: Love is not the same as admiration. Love is growth, love is compassion, love is evolution, love is a lesson, love is in allowing and love is in granting life to be.”

I am glad that Priya Kumar’s team sent me a copy of the book for the review. It is totally an enlightening experience. I would definitely recommend it to all the book lovers.

Rating: 5/5

If you wish to buy the book, you can order it from here: I Am Another You

If you haven’t yet read the book, you totally should for the valuable insights! If you have, comment below and let me know how did you like it and your experience of reading the book. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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