Book Review: Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

Title: Mrs Funnybones

Author: Twinkle Khanna

Publication: Penguin Publication

Number of Pages: 235
Price: 158

Twinkle Khanna’s ‘Mrs Funnybones’ captures the essence of a modern woman, who has a corporate life, have to deal with office work, clients and, at the same time have to manage her home, her kids and family. Striking the perfect balance between the two without getting stressed out is a major challenge many urban women face. In this book, the witty author expresses how she manages to do so.  Mrs Funnybones is a light hearted paperback that depicts the day to day life of the author, which is surprisingly very relatable. She has penned down her everyday life with her ‘man of the house’, ‘the prodigal son’ and ‘the baby’ in a funny yet sarcastic way.

The former actress Twinkle Khanna, turned interior decorator, turned author, has been writing columns and blogs for popular national newspapers, which are quite a hit among the readers. To be honest, I have not followed her blogs, but the buzz around her book and its launch and, of course the title, made me interested in the book. It is a light read and, the narrative just flew page by page. The context is easy, relevant and funny. The short episodes of her life that the author chooses to share, tells so much about her as a person. The narrative is fun, often satirical, yet I felt there were also bits where the humour was enforced to make it look amusing.

It is the author’s very first novel and, she has showcased the skill in her writing that is needed to make the readers hooked. It was sure interesting to read when she narrated instances about the ‘man of the house’ and, her jolly relationship with her ‘mummy ji’. The lady who is so in tune with herself, deals with all the situations that come her way in normal context is surprising, as she comes from a film family. The author made it clear that, she is now a lot disconnected from the cine buzz and, her filmy background does not paint her present. As a modern woman, her life is intertwined in her children and family, coupled with the office issues, along with that she is a responsible citizen who also worries about the state of the country! Mrs funnybones is sure to make you smile and, the author’s realistic writing approach will give you a lot to ponder about.

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