Book Review: One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

Title: One Indian Girl

Author: Chetan Bhagat

Publication: Rupa Publications India

Number of Pages: 272

Price: Rs. 176 current Diwali Sale Cost: Rs. 99/-

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat is a tale of a modern girl, who is smart, earns a lot of money, has been into relationships and holds strong opinions. Sounds relatable? Well, kind of! But, when you read the full story, you probably don’t want to feel relatable! 😀 The story has a good start, typical Indian wedding scenes and then it goes into flashbacks several times.

I have read almost every book of Chetan Bhagat and I have liked most of them. I may not like the story sometimes, but the way he tells the story, the narrative is always perfect. He writes for the Indian masses and manages to strike with them every time! I really like how he keeps all his scenes simple and entertaining. His story telling part in One Indian Girl is also apt. So good that I finished reading it in flat 3 days! I still remember I finished reading 2 states in just 6 days. Bhagat is blessed with the skills to write engrossing stories.

Now, the story, it talks about a nerdy girl Radhika Mehta. Radhika completes her education by topping all the universities and institutions. Later she lands into the perfect job at Goldman Sachs, in New York City. The major turning point in her life comes when she gets into a serious relationship with a guy Debashish, who happens to be her first true love. When this relationship ends abruptly, she moves to another part of the world. Love angels shine once again and she falls in love with her senior. Later, after ending the second relationship, she lands herself into an arrange marriage scenario with a kind soul Brijesh. At the climax, Radhika is in a fix as both her exes return seeking back her love right at her wedding venue! Who will Radhika finally decide to spend the rest of her life with, is what rests in the climax.

The major let down was all the feminism fuss. The aspect of feminism is stretched a bit too much in the book and sometimes is wrongly adopted. Radhika who has suffered racism and sexism herself, was rejecting guys calling them ugly and those with less salary than hers. So how did things turn around so fast for her? More than anything else, everyone should become a humanist first! Or an “equalist” if something of that sort exists!

If a movie is ever made on this story, which I believe it will be someday, I hope the makers change the climax to something more likable! (May be a Brijesh friendly climax 😀 )

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