Book Review: Ready Study Go! by Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke

Ready Study Go

Book Review: Ready Study Go! by Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke

Title: Ready Study Go!

Author: Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke

Publication: Harper Collins Publishers India

Number of Pages: 216

Book Review:

The book Ready Study Go! by Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke is one of the gems that will surprise you at regular intervals! Every other page that you choose to read will have something that will amaze you. The book not only renders valuable insights about how to study and get good grades but also guides you towards living an exceptional life! The tips and insights are implementable and easy to follow.

Honestly, I attended the book launch and gifted the book to all my students but did not read it myself considering it is just about studying. Now that I have read it, I felt like I should have picked it up earlier as the book added so much value to my life. Like I said, it is not just about studying and getting good grades, it is about your overall development. Of course, it definitely has chapters that focus on how you can excel in your studies, master subjects that you hate, last minute study practices and so on.

The book starts with discussing the seven levels of our existence! Yes, you read that right! Now, you may think why a book about studying should start with something so deep and spiritual, it is because if even one of your levels, for example, if your ‘mind’ is upset, you cannot concentrate on your studies or anything for that matter. So, it starts with the core and helps you solve the problem from the root. The book has topics that will stun you and make you ponder. The chapters like Using The Brain, But I hate Math, A Tale of Two Teachers, Mind Mapping, Wealth Rules, Suicide Is Not An Option, No Job So What among others will leave you in awe! You will rightly gain so much about how your brain works and learn how to study and do your everyday things more effectively.

The authors have written the book in simple and comprehensible yet engaging manner, so it holds your attention rightly. It is full of humour and interesting stories, so it keeps you interested throughout.

 Do I recommend it? 

Yes! For students, I would suggest you must read it compulsorily, I promise you won’t regret. And, it is a useful read for everyone who wants to learn anything new or lead a better life. 🙂

You can buy Read Study Go! at discounted rates on Amazon. Here: Ready Study Go: Smart Ways To Learn.

To know more about Ex-IITans and the authors of this Book Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke, visit their website:

I have always loved studying, especially during my college days. (Yeah, that may sound alien 😛 ) I managed to top my University during graduation and top my college during my Post Graduation. I have attended the YES+ Program created by the authors of Ready Study Go! The techniques taught in the program have helped me immensely.

Jotted down some of my study habits here, dive in: Smart Study Habits!

Also, have you read the book already or are planning to do so? Do let me know in the comments below! 🙂 

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  1. Reading this i too feel like getting this book asap though m done with my studies but as u said its not just for students but also for others who wish to learn new things n excel so i will definitely go for it. Thanks Megha for this..

  2. Its really nice that you blogged about this book, many would get to know about this awesome book. The way authors explain about the transition from hating to learning and excelling in any subject is the best.

  3. Will surely read this book. The review is so interesting, I am sure the book will be amazing!
    Will recommend this book to my friends!

  4. I am looking forward to read this book as its not just about getting good grades but looking at our educational field with a clear and new perspective.

  5. Blog should explain more about the book to get overall idea, but I’ll definitely read the book, how the people are commenting its definitely a sparking thought.

  6. Seems very interesting!!!The way the authors have explained on how to make learning interesting makes me want to read the book!!

  7. Really an encouraging book. As technology is changing day by day so should study techniques be changed and it should be more innovative and interesting. I would surely recommend it to my friends and relatives.

  8. Very encouraging book. Good job done by the authors. Like day by day technology is changing so do learning techniques should change in order that learning becomes more innovative and interesting. I would certainly like to recommend this book to my friends and relatives.

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