Book Review: Savi Sharma’s This Is Not Your Story Is A Breezy Read!

This Is Not Your Story - Book Review

Book Review: Savi Sharma’s This Is Not Your Story Is A Breezy Read!

Title: This Is Not your Story

Author: Savi Sharma

Publication: Westland Ltd

Number of Pages: 218

This Is Not Your Story is a captivating tale from the bestselling author Savi Sharma. Her first book Everyone Has A Story sold like hot cakes and she became the first Indian author to have her debut self-published book become a best seller, reaching over 1 lakh people. When I heard about the author, I immediately ordered both her books and decided to start with her second book as it was the current topic of discussion. But, considering the sincere soul that I am, I could not convince myself to reverse the order. So, I stopped and finished her debut book first and then took this up. I recently wrapped it up and it made more sense to write a review for this one as it has been freshly released. So now that the background story is done, let’s dive into the review!

The book narrates the story of four young individuals – Shaurya, Kasturi, Anubhav and Miraya. Their journey to reaching their goals, achievements, failures, personal battles, love life and other delicate stuff which is handled mindfully by the author. It is an easy read and the story just flows. The reader does not have to take an effort to read but it unfolds one chapter after another seamlessly on its own, which is a very important aspect of any story. Some stories just become so heavy and the reader needs to drag themselves through them, this is not the case with this book, it is light and breezy. The book is filled with amazing quotes that keep you hooked, the one like stated below will make you want to fall in love…<3

I will love you forever! Will you wait for me?

‘Yes! But don’t give me a forever’


‘Give me an always.’

I won’t give you spoilers by revealing the stories of the four main characters, but would love to tell you that some of you might relate to them! They are realistic and inspiring. However, in the midst, it gets a little draggy but soon it jumps right back on track and towards the end, you feel you know all four of them really well. So the book is a good read and currently available at a discounted rate on Amazon, just in case you want to grab it! I am a book hoarder so sales work just well for me! 😀

If you want to buy the book, please click here: This Is Not Your Story

If you want to check out her 1st book, click here: Everyone Has A Story

Have you read the book –This Is Not Your Story? If you have, comment below and let me know how did you like it and share your experience of reading the book. I would love to hear from you! 🙂 If not, are you planning to do so? Do let me know!

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