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Second Chance by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

Book Review: Second Chance by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

Title: Second Chance

Author: Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

Publication: Educreation Publishing

Number of Pages: 190


Shekhar Kapoor is a successful businessman who has never done a decent thing in his entire life. For him, it is all about what he can get and how fast he can get it. He goes through life cheating and insulting people, even after he receives a mysterious telephone call from what is called the City of Justice.
Ignoring the cryptic warnings, Shekhar continues to live his life as he pleases, until one day, shortly after insulting a beggar in the street, Shekhar crashes his car and is killed.

And it is only when he is standing before the Bookkeeper, and being shown where his life had gone wrong, that Shekhar finally understands what life is all about. But is it too late for him? Can he be given another chance to undo all the wrongs he has done? Or is there a chance that Shekhar Kapoor can find redemption where there had previously been no hope?

Second Chance by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa Book Review:

The synopsis pretty much sums up the book rightly. The book narrates the story of Shekhar Kapoor who is the typical ‘rich bad guy’. He has inherited all the wealth from his father and is a brat. He is rude, arrogant and indecent in every form. Shekar’s character is developed quite well and you start disliking him from the start. The story actually has an underlying message. It is about how Karma acts. All his life Shekar has been an utterly notorious and an immoral person, but after his major accident, he gets a second chance which is very unlikely in real life. I do not want to reveal the climax and give out spoilers though!

Second Chance by Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

The City of Justice is mentioned and captured aptly and the author is descriptive of various fictitious aspects so as to give the readers an in-depth view of what he is trying to portray. The message that author Sandeep Jatwa is trying to give to the readers, i.e. the message of humanity, comes out appropriately.

One thing, however, that did not go down well with me is the editing of the book. There are spelling and grammatical errors that disrupt your flow. Also, I did not in particular like the font of the book. I don’t know if I am the only one who cares about the fonts but book reading for me is just not a pass time activity, it is a wholesome experience. I love reading and hence, do care about some certain aspects. So, I wish the font was different and the paragraphs were spacious. It naturally renders a better experience to the readers, giving them a feel-good factor about it overall. The story for me was not overly engaging but was surely passable.

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