Book Review: SuperCouples by Prachi Garg |

SuperCouples by Prachi Garg

Book Review: SuperCouples by Prachi Garg |

Title: SuperCouples

Author: Prachi Garg

Publication: Shrishti Publishers

Number of Pages: 177


In an era booming with the ‘Start-up’ trend and loving this new attitude of breaking boundaries and conventions of a career, one also faces the challenge of being able to partner up with the right people. In lieu of reliable and trustworthy partners, real life couples in relationships have started exploring the idea of partnering up in business too!

Speaking to various couple-preneurs, one realizes that the myth about mixing work and home is just as misty as the one about needing a stable and conventional job for an ambitious career. These dynamic start-ups break stereotypes and cover a varied range of services: e-commerce, innovative gifts, eco-friendly products, health care solutions, social responsibility ventures, event management, digital solutions and many others. SuperCouples by Prachi Garg brings out such lovely stories of enterprising couples. After all, when great minds come together to produce something built on conjoined dreams, the result is eminently successful, lucrative and deeply satisfying.


SuperCouples by Prachi Garg narrates the entrepreneurial journeys and partnerships of real life couples. The stories in the book talk about how real life partners are also best together at businesses. The success stories, the struggles and the journey of being business partners and soul mates at the same time are highlighted skillfully. There are stories of nineteen couples who chose to go the unconventional way. With each other’s support and with the power of love, these couples are fruitfully managing their business in their chosen fields.

The author not only describes their entrepreneurial journeys but also focuses on how they started it all and how love blossomed between the couples. Their amazing journeys are inspiring and encouraging. I loved how Meenakshi and Jey created Artologue where they travel across the country to paint their message of love, peace and elevation of humanity. Also, Smriti and Sameer started a blooming journey with Florista where despite challenges, they got into the business of selling flowers across the country. Boring Brands and Sweets Inbox also have interesting stories that are super inspiring.

What I loved learning about these journeys are that, most of the couples are from completely different backgrounds and have concrete qualifications. They are settled in their careers and have years of experiences. Still, they did not fear to venture into an unknown territory of risks for the love of their partners and, to follow their passions! Although, I wasn’t hooked to the stories instantly, learning about each tale was indeed a good experience that added to my treasure of knowledge.

If you wish to read the book, you can get details and buy SuperCouples by Prachi Garg here!

The author’s first book Super Women also topped the selling charts, it narrates inspiring stories of twenty women entrepreneurs. Get details and buy Super Women by Prachi Garg here!

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