Book Review: The Golden Code – Mastering the Art of Social Success by Rukshana Eisa

The Golden Code by Rukshana Eisa

Book Review: The Golden Code – Mastering the Art of Social Success by Rukshana Eisa

Title: The Golden Code

Author: Rukshana Eisa

Publication: Jaico Publishing House

Number of Pages: 242


In a world where being polite is considered a sign of weakness, image consultant and grooming expert Rukshana Eisa takes a bold step and shows how good manners come in handy in everyday life. The Golden Code meticulously details manners and standards for every situation, be it dining at a swanky restaurant, interacting with higher management, hosting a formal party, preparing for a first date, dressing for a fancy event or giving a speech.

Book Review:

Okay, can I start by saying I want to gift this book to so many people right now! 🙂 Manners and etiquettes are delicate subjects that one must learn and possess. Can we take a moment to appreciate Author Rukshana Eisa who has put time and effort into this book, so you and I can learn a thing or two! There are certain ‘social rules’ that need to be followed in certain places. You will be glad to know that the topics almost cover all the aspects required for your social success.

Many of us are socially awkward! And, there should not be any shame to admit that. However, learning social skills and aptly using your language to establish your presence is something which we all need to learn. From simple things like handing your business card, acing a job interview, dressing up for several formal occasions to a few complex things like starting a conversation with someone new, the book has covered it all. Some of the interesting chapters include Tricky social situations, getting over that oops moment, how to be a savvy traveler, socializing with business colleagues, restaurant etiquettes, fine dining and more!

“Grooming and etiquette extend beyond cosmetic boundaries. It is more about cultivating your personality and channelizing your strengths. The ability to transfer those qualities with poise and grace has always been Rukshana Eisa’s gift. Her book The Golden Code is a terrific insight on how to acquire the golden touch for your personality and inner beauty. It is a way forward in the most elegant way. ”
—K A R A N J O H A R

“I firmly believe that one’s etiquette has a great impact on their professional success and personal well-being. With [this] book, one can develop their etiquette and social skills to bring out the best in themselves. Like Rukshana I believe being well-mannered is extremely attractive and never hurt anybody.”
—S H A H R U K H K H A N

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About the Author:

Rukshana Eisa has been a leading fashion model, an onboard leader with international airlines and an etiquette and grooming professional since the past 17 years. Her expertise in the field of etiquette training has seen her coach professionals, corporates, brides-to-be, youth on the cusp of a career and a wide array of management and hospitality executives. Given her vast experience, she has been the official grooming leader for participants of the Miss India pageants. She has groomed Rohit Khandelwal, who made India proud by winning the prestigious Mr. World 2016 title. Rukshana Eisa has also trained the current Reigning Ms. World 2017, Manushi Chillar.

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