Book Review: The Wise Man Said By Award-Winning Author Priya Kumar

The Wise Man Said Book Review

Book Review: The Wise Man Said By Award-Winning Author Priya Kumar

Title: The Wise Man Said

Author: Priya Kumar

Publication: Books That Inspire

Number of Pages: 180

Adventure, I well know, is in the heart, not in the view. – Ron Hubbard

Synopsis: Sneak peek into the story! (Without Spoilers)

The book starts on an intriguing note where an established author Naina is being bugged by her editor for her next story! The author Naina, literally has only twenty-four hours to submit the draft which she has not even written. She is sad, depressed and even feels obligated to smile for a picture with a fan, which usually is a pleasure for any author. The young author is lost and finds herself in crises, she is unhappy and does not know the way out of her misery. Midst of nowhere, she meets Sammy an 80-year-old business man who has decided to participate in a life he missed to live all these years. Little did she know that the meeting will make her life take a 360-degree turn! The book The Wise Man Said narrates Sammy’s journey which is definitely an adventurous one!


The book, The Wise Man Said is a compilation of sixteen heart felt stories which author Priya Kumar has penned for the readers to relish. The stories are fun, adventurous and lively. A few of the stories are passable and draggy too. Midway you may feel, Sammy is a rich oldie and hence he can do all these things fearlessly as he has all the money in the world and nothing to lose, not even life as he is already 80! A few of the stories, however, are wonderful like “The man who gave too much” and “Where did the man go” among others. Some are even shocking and so engrossing that they will surely keep you hooked. There is adventure, thrill and also loads of wisdom hidden in each of these tiny tales which the author makes sure that the reader understands it well. The author puts all the wisdom in the form of Sammy’s learning. The learning bit is the actual gem that teaches us life lessons which we can implement and better our lives in many ways.

Some superlative knowledge and wisdom sutras like the importance of living in the present moment, having faith, going with the flow, truths of life unfold through the pages of the book. Yes, in some stories the spiritual quotient is high which for some can go a little bouncer but the author explains them in detail in simple words with her ‘learning’ or ‘what I missed seeing’ section. The wise man Sammy is truly a smart and a charming one so, do not be surprised if you fall for his unusual ways of being too!

There are iconic lines and quotes for which your heart will sparkle! Jotting down some of them below:

This one a lot of young adults can relate to: “To aspire to have another person’s life is quite foolish for to get where he is, you have to live through his choices first.”

Curiosity is the heart of adventure!

The road less traveled keeps you alert, keeps you alive and it keeps you aware.

Peace has only one address – in now!

Rating: 3.5/5

If you want to buy the book, please click here: The Wise Man Said

I highly recommend Priya Kumar’s first Book which is my favourite one and I have rated it 5 on 5! Check out I AM ANOTHER YOU here!

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