Cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi with detox & calorie-burning drinks!

Cheat Calories during Ganesh Chaturthi

Cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi with detox & calorie-burning drinks!

With the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi, festivity has filled the air. Shops and even your houses are flooded with delicacies. Tempting sweets, goodies, chocolates, market trips, relatives’ visit, and long chit chats, friends hang outs etc. give you umpteen reasons to not abstain from calories. And, you unknowingly end up eating a bunch of unwanted calories. This could easily have you accumulate undesirable bulges around your waist and for a while, may disrupt your gut.

Well, not enjoying any of these, even a little could also puncture the beauty of festiveness. But here are a few tricks that can help you, cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi and prevent your digestive system from going upside down, while you still enjoy all the relishes.

Detoxifying and calorie burning drinks:

  • Lemon-honey-ginger:

This is the most famous, but highly beneficial remedy for detoxifying, and also to aid your weight loss regimen. Boil a thumb sized crushed piece of ginger in some water, and after brewing it for 3-4 minutes, sieve the contents, add lemon and honey. You can also spice it up by adding a pinch of black salt (also called Himalayan salt). Your detoxifying hot drink is ready to purify your bowels. Honey and lemon, both being, skin’s buddies will add radiance to your skin, which is an added advantage.

Cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi

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  • Watermelon-lemon-mint detox drink:

Slice a big chunk of watermelon into random squares and place them in a jar full of 1-1.5 litres of water. Add a few sliced lemon pieces and about 14-15 fresh mint leaves. Let the contents infuse all their goodness into water through the night. Sieve and enjoy your tasteful detox drink next dayby adding a few ice cubes.

Cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi

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  • Strawberry-lime or orange-cucumber detox:

Cut 10-12 strawberries into slices, and add them to a pitcher filled with 1 litre water. Slice an orange or lemon and a cucumber and add them to the pitcher. Let it stand overnight so as the water is suffused with all nutrients of the contents. Next morning, your purifying relishing drink is ready to flush out your bowels.

Cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi

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A few more helpful tips to cheat calories during Ganesh Chaturthi:

  • Apart from enjoying above drinks, keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water. This would help you flush out free radicals from body.
  • Make use of olive oil, or sunflower oil, while you are preparing anything that involves deep frying, at home. Olive oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which are known to be healthy fats, unlike Trans fats and saturated fats.
  • It will be great if you can keep a check on sugar intake during festive days. Avoid binging in too much of sweets or popping laddus and rasgullas. Taking a note of these tiny things will help you fight extra calories and keep piling of fats at bay during this beautiful festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Have a blissful Ganesh Chaturthi to you all 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the festival to the fullest! 🙂

– Guest Post by Sonali Singh, edited by Meghana Pawar

If you have any other useful tips to share, please do comment below and let us know! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts… 🙂

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