How To Combat Exam Stress?

The first thing is do not try to combat it but, accept it! Exam time equals to being surrounded by books, notes, stationery and lots instructions from the elders. Like seriously! I have been through all of this and survived so many exams quite successfully! Phew…! Well, to be honest I was about to write about something else, but, seeing all these tiny tots freaking out around me, carrying books and stuff, having tiny panic attacks, made me write this post first.

Have faith:

Have faith! Believe in yourselves and in the targets that you have set for yourselves. Of course, exams are important and you got to do your best, but understand life is more important than everything else.  Do not stress out so much that you fall sick right before your papers! Do not get pressurised by people around you. You must understand that they say for your good and, I understand their way of saying things might stress you out even more. So chill, you have given so many exams in your life; consider boards as one of them! (This phase will pass like every other big thing did.)

Don’t compare yourself to others:

This is the worst thing to do. Do not compare yourself with your friends. If they have studied a bit more or revised an extra chapter, do not panic. Focus on your studies and give your 100 percent. Do not let your peers put you down in any way. Be with people who are positive and encouraging.

Take out time to relax:

Burying yourself in books isn’t going to help. Take out time to relax but, watch out what you do in your break time. Watching violent movies is not relaxation! By relaxing I mean is taking a walk in the park, meditating, exercise, practise some breathing techniques to calm your mind and so on.

Eat right and Sleep well:

This is another very important aspect. We are all junky babies and love junk food; I understand all that but, for some days, especially during exams avoid all the fast food and junk foodstuff. Eat healthy, consume more water, fruits and juices. It will also help to concentrate better. Similarly, do not compromise on your sleep. A normal person needs minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

Make time for revision:

Revision is extremely important. Make sure you keep aside some time to revise all that you have studied. It’s all about the short term memory and long term memory thing. If we revise our study material and notes appropriately, it is more likely to get into our long term memory and we remember things better while writing exams. This is my personal experience!

Take regular breaks:

If you have a study schedule of 4 hours ensure you take at least 2-3 tiny breaks of say 15 minutes each to relax. Our brain cannot go on and on to memorise things, it needs break. Sip some juice, health drinks, have fruits at regular intervals while studying.

Re-confirm your exam schedule & gather all your essentials:

Many a times, it so happens that, we forget exam essentials and remember it when we are at the venue. This might freak you out! So double check all your essentials viz. Stationery, hall ticket, watch, calculator, water bottle etc. before leaving the house. Same with the timetable… please confirm the timetable with reliable sources and check it every single day to study for the respective exam. We do not want to do the foolishness of studying for the wrong exam. It’s a straight No-No!

Take first hand exam tips:

Talk to your teachers or someone with whom you feel comfortable. Take tips to write exams, talk about time management and how to write your exam paper to make it presentable. Teachers are kind souls! especially during important exams like boards they become extra supportive of their children. Don’t worry if you have been a mischievous child all around the year, just ask for help genuinely, I am sure they will be there for you.

Just know that you will do your best come what may! Stressing during exams is normal but, do not let it take a toll on your health. ALL THE VERY BEST to all the HSC and SSC students. All my prayers and god wishes are with you.

My younger brother inspired and requested me to write this article as he is about to give his 12th board exams. Please pray for him 🙂 Do share this post with all the students who are about to give their exams, this might lessen their anxiety!

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