Empowering Women In the Business World

women empowerment

Women empowerment is a critical universal issue that has been ongoing for decades. The question of men and women equality has been a topic for debates in many nations around the world.

Why women’s power, strength, right, liberty and equality underestimated? When women assumed their roles, or given a task, they would do it with their best abilities. How come women are still placed behind men when it comes to many aspects of the society?

Although women represent nearly 52 percent of the professional jobs all over the world, they are still up to now underrated when it comes to leadership jobs. Only a small portion of women are top earners, executive officers and Fortune 500 CEOs. With this a small portion of women in the higher level in the business world, it is estimated that women leadership parity could only be attained by 2085.

Despite the shocking trend, not all barriers could be attributed to the gap caused by the traditional workplace. Some women hold back their place in the society because they are new to advancements and  bigger responsibilities.

Reasons Why Women Hold Back Their Place In The Workplace

  • Family issue. Women fear that their employer would underestimate them and see them as inefficient, vulnerable and unmotivated when they start their own family.
  • Failure issues. Young women believe that one wrong move in their careers will cost them their success, reputation and job. Men have a strong confidence that their personal and professional growth is not dependent on each other.
  • False belief. Some women still have confidence that men are stronger, better and more talented when it comes to leadership, ideas and in attaining success.

How Women Empowerment Can Be Achieved By Women Themselves

Women empowerment could only be achieved when women voluntarily make a move to change themselves, and the way they think. It’s the only method to break those barriers. These strategies are effective, whether you are working as an on-the-job trainee or as the president of the company.

  • Trust your guts. Women are gifted with a strong intuition. Sometimes, they need to trust their instincts and believe that they can perform the job and produce great results. Without trusting your instincts, sometimes it is impossible to garner the results that you’ve always wanted.
  • Just be yourself. Sometimes, being yourself, is the best way to get the best outcome. Displaying your true nature in front of other people is the surest way to gain their trust and loyalty. So if you are running a business, showing people who you truly are could earn you respect and better results when it comes to productivity.
  • Accept mistakes. Mistakes are part of growth. For this reason, women should not be afraid to share their mistakes, whether it is in personal or career aspect. Mistakes should serve as a lesson and not a punishment. Sharing mistakes could earn women more transparent relationship and career growth. It is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Women Taking Leadership In The Business World

Businesses led by women are the right venues to raise and train women leaders. You can do this by having a supportive environment to enable women to become leaders:

  • Flexibility when it comes to family: Starting a family should not be a hindrance for both men and women to lead a business. Family should always come first. Create a business environment that supports flexible hours, education and on-site childcare.
  • Having mentors and collaborators. Women will be more inspired to their jobs and will have a better opportunity to excel in their endeavors when there is someone to set an example. Providing continuous feedback on their job performance could help them assess their abilities and make room for improvements.
  • Speak up. Women should be given a chance to express themselves in any area of the business. They should not be satisfied to just listen and agree with their male counterparts when it comes to ideas and decision-making.

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About the Author:

Martha Wallace is a business blogger, writer and co-founder of Women in Business Today and she is also a contributor on a health website and writes about treatment options for marijuana abuse. When not working, she loves spending time with her dog pet Silver. She’s also fond of hiking, surfing, long driving, playing her guitar and discovering new places.

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  1. Nice one Martha… The three things you mentioned above for achieving empowerment are really motivating. Gives confidence. Thank You so much.

  2. Women empowerment has been in discussion for a lil over decade now as a need atleast in India. So, I believe the pace is just about right with women growing and excelling in their respective jobs.
    Most of the jobs need experience and expertise to excel which I believe has been attained by many only in the last one decade so, they are there leading upward.
    On a wider concern, women discrimination is not always due to oppression by men alone. It is a concern beyond men. For instance, like you mentioned the ‘starting a family’ point, which is not alone an organisation’s concern but, the society as well plays an indirect but, a very important role where they are expected to raise the family full-time as a #mother for a said few year at the least. You might ask, why can’t a father do that post pregnancy, which I absolutely believe in as an individual. But, most men fear or i must say..made to fear if he had to go jobless* . The society (including of both men/women) fail to accept a man without a job as a man. If this ever changed, I woukd be the first man to become a full time #homeMaker but, it is the fear that’s only growing among the male community.
    Coming back to women empowerment, what I truly believe is empowering the women in the rural areas, which will sow some hope for the coming generations that’s how we can look ahead for better days as a society.

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