Why did I go on a social media detox? How did I pull it off?

Social Media Detox

Why did I go on a social media detox? How did I pull it off?

Firstly, Hellow! A BIG VIRTUAL HUG TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE HERE! You do not know how much I missed writing to you! 😊

Now just a little heads up, I know I have delayed a lot, but I planned to answer your questions by writing full-fledged blog posts because…hey! you deserve all the love! So, why did I go offline? Some of you guys mailed me and made me feel special so THANK YOU!  Also, all those you email or Instagram me regularly – I love you! And, for those who don’t…Why? I mean why? What’s holding you back? It’s free! Duh huh? Lol 😀 (Sorry, just bubbling with overwhelm, emotion and so much happiness to be able to write here again! My hormones are dancing right now, or whatever that is inside is dancing. I don’t know I am not a biology/science student okay :P)

And here’s what I did when I was away…

Back Story:

I went to this much-awaited trip with my bestie last month i.e. mid-January. (We have been planning it since over a year) After almost two years I visited my favourite place in Bangalore and left behind my world for a good 15 odd days! That was insane! So much happened in the last month of 2017 and in January 2018 that I still am sinking it all in! I share most of the stuff on Instagram just in case you wanna know 😉

So, what is this Social Media Detox Business? Aren’t vacations be meant for all the fun, pictures and loads of gorgeous uploads?

Yes and No! Actually, it depends upon what kind of vacation you are looking at! I was very clear that I wanted that ‘ME’ time and also a little bit of ‘us’ time with my bestie which we never, can I say that again? NEVER get after she got married (since 2 years!) So, both of us went through a very special process there in Bangalore for the well being of our mind and body. Yeah! We are spiritual like that 😊 Had we used our cell phones during those 7-8 days the entire purpose would have been lost! It is like exercising for 2 hours in the gym and then eating pizza and cheese cake after that! So, I just switched off my phone and threw it in my bag and was sorted for 7 days!

Also, this quote sums it up quite well…

“Noise does not cancel out noise, silence does!” – Mahatma Gandhi

How was it? Was it difficult?

You may find it hard to believe but it was not difficult at all. It was normal! Being on social media is a part of my job and that is why I am so active. Apart from that, I am just fine without it. Yes, I do love making stories on Instagram and WhatsApp but that’s not an obsession, it is just fun and also it is easier than Facebook. Yeah, call me lazy!  So, honestly, it was not difficult. Yes, I missed a few people as I did not contact anyone for those 7-8 days, but I was genuinely happy and relaxed with absolutely no worries about what’s going on in the world. Isn’t that so awesome?

What did I learn from this Social Media Detox?

Being Fully Present: I noticed that I was fully present there and so genuinely happy. You know that is why I crave to go there frequently because the state that I experience there and the lightness in the heart region, is hard to be acquired here. Here there is always a sense of urgency and sort of a burden while there it is just lightness. Peace. Doing things with being so very present and not thinking about 10 other things while doing it. For example: when you eat, you just eat and nothing else. No watching videos, no obligation for double taps, nothing! I do not even know if I am expressing properly! Am I making sense? Comment below and let me know okay 😛

A planning free mind: If you know anything about me, I am a planning freak. I plan so damn much. My diaries are filled with notes, things to do, schedules and more. That is why I am hardly up for last minutes plans (I am getting better with spontaneous plans though!) I got the freedom from my chaotic, planning mind which was awesome and so liberating!

No FOMO: Nothing to miss out on, nothing to lose! No screens, only greens! Yes, that was my attitude! I was enjoying my company and nature! I remember waking up early one day and I just went out, witnessed the beautiful scenery, the cold breeze, soaked in the delicate sun rays, walked on dew drops bare-feet and smiled like an idiot for hours! (No, I am not making this up!) 😊 Love being there!

So, was my social media detox worth it?

Well, ‘ha kai prashna hota?’ Lol I mean yes, totally worth it 😊

Did you enjoy reading the whole story? Do comment below and let me know! And, I missed you :’)

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  1. Damn! You are a bubble of bursting energy. 😀
    Also interesting to see that – My blogging journey , is one of the upcoming ones. Surely would like to read that, write it quick.

  2. Hey wow! Read this article and when i am done reading i see that its written by you “Meghna Pawar”, what a pleasant surprise and a good article….every one aims for a social media detox specially the ones like us who are in the Social Media field but very few can so congrats!

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