Growth happens when you happily jump out of comfort zone!

out of comfort zone
Growth happens when you happily jump out of comfort zone!

Honestly, if given a choice, I would just love to laze around all day with a coffee and a book. That is my kind of favourite day! But, like the popular meme goes: “I was born cute but not rich” So, got to work right! 😀 I am someone who loves comfort and I never really liked the idea of going out of comfort zone. I sincerely work so hard so as to give myself all the comforts that I desire. I seriously love comfort. But lately, I tasted what it is like to go beyond my comfort zone and achieve something that I thought was impossible for me. And, I never really understood its power until I achieved way more than what I was, when I stuck to my comfort zone.

When you decide to jump out of comfort zone and do something for your betterment, shift happens. A little observation about a recent incident: all the fear, anxiety and feelings of wanting to throw up may surface when we are doing something that is beyond our comfort zone. But, the learning here is when we push ourselves a bit and do it anyways, something inside expands. As it is rightly said, “Growth and magic happens where our comfort zone ends.”

out of comfort zone

So, go achieve what you desire and conquer life like a boss, because you live only once my dear one! When I was thirteen, my brother gifted me this book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers and oh good lord it has taught me so much and I use its principles till date! (because I guess in my head, I am still in my teens 😃) I also had a crush on the author back then! Okay, leaving aside this irrelevant information, let’s talk real business. The reason I mentioned the book is, the author Sean Convey narrated a story about himself which I still clearly remember to this day. In that story, he had this beautiful quote by Arnold Bennett that has stayed with me.

It reads, “The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort – he never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature.”

Enlightening! Isn’t it? I mean it is great to be in our comfort zone, our favourite cozy and comfortable place. In fact, we should definitely be there often to keep our sanity intact and have peace of mind. But, also, for our own growth, it is necessary to venture into some unknown and fearful territories that help us break barriers. It does not have to be very big like climbing a mount Everest, it can be as small as making new friends, public speaking and for someone like me, it is travelling alone!

I love how Shakespeare put it in Measure for Measure: “Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”

These were my thoughts and learning about going out of comfort zone. Just a little effort to make all you lovely souls smile and, sparkle a bit of inspiration so you gear up to conquer Monday like a boss! 🙂

So Now, I would love to know your take! Pour your thoughts in the comments below! Are comfort zones good or bad? Do they hold you back or do they help you prosper?

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  1. Hiiiiii Meghana….To be in a Comfort zone is not good …. It is the best . But it is surely a big hurdle in your path of progress. Once you are out , you will come across interesting things, you learn & develop yourself and the most important thing is you get victory over your fears.

  2. Hiiiii Meghana… To be in our comfort zone is not good, infact it is the best. But ya, it is surely a hurdle to ur progress. Once you are out of it, you learn new things, you develop yourself and you get a victory over your fears.

  3. The comport zone is in our mind not out there.

    The best tip here is to keep expanding its boundreis every day.

    All it once will be just emotions.

    Thanks, I enjoyed the post.

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