Healthy, Easy To Make Modak Recipes Free From Maida, Sugar & oil!

Healthy, Easy To Make Modak Recipes

Healthy, Easy To Make Modak Recipes Free From Maida, Sugar & oil!

Digging the internet to search healthy, tasty yet easy to make Modak recipes? I have your back, sister! Although, the market and the sweet shops are flooding with sweets and modaks, making one by yourself renders an inexpressible pleasure. Here I have five sumptuous Modak Recipes that are not only easy to make but healthy too. At my place, we have banned Maida (processed wheat flour) completely due to its health hazardous. Also, white sugar is our enemy in many ways so we can avoid that too! Let’s learn to make modaks with no Maida, only Health! Here are modaks that will make Bappa and your tummy happy! 🙂

So, without further delay, jump right in and check out these healthy, easy to make Modak recipes that are delicious!

  1. Rice Flour Modaks

rice flour modak, helathy

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Ingredients to make Saran or the sweet stuffing:

  • Grated coconut, according to the quantity needed.
  • Jaggery/ Brown Sugar
  • Ghee
  • Cardamom (Elaichi)
  • Grated Dry Fruits (Optional)

Recipe to make the stuffing:

Step 1: Heat the pan or the utensil in which you are going to make the Saran or the Stuffing. Add a little ghee according to the quantity of your grated wet coconuts.

Step 2: Add the wet grated coconuts to it and mix it well. Let it heat well till it starts getting a little brownish in shade.

Step 3: Three Add Jaggary powder and mix well. The mixture may get watery, do not stop mixing and stir it until the water dries up.

Step 4: Add Cardamom powder and mix well. If you wish to add dry fruits, you can add them at this stage.

Recipe to make Modaks:

Now that your stuffing is ready, have a look at how you can make Modaks.

Take rice flour (Quantity depends on how many modaks you have to make) and make sure it does not have lumps. Boil some water in a utensil and put a little ghee and salt (according to the taste) in it. Now, put the rice flour in it for making dough. Keep it for a while and let it get warm enough to hold. Now make a proper dough, like how you knead for making chapatis.

After the dough is ready, roll tiny little puris and fill the previously made stuffing in it. Now, holding one side, start folding the puri, in order to close it and give it shape. This step can be a little tricky for many so you guys can use the ready-made stencil too. I have never used it though but people do use it for a perfect shape!

Once all the modaks are ready it’s time to steam them! If you have a steamer then use it to steam the modaks or else take a big utensil, fill it half with water and use a strainer (the utensil with holes) to place all the modaks having proper space, make sure they do not stick to each other. You can apply a little ghee to the strainer to make sure it does not stick. Place the strainer on the half filled pot and close the lid. This is your own little steamer. You need to switch off the gas once hot vapours start coming out of your steamer.

There you go, your healthy and tasty modaks are ready to serve!

  1. Wheat Flour Modak

wheat flour modak, healthy

Image Credit: I made 😛

Exactly the same recipe is used to make wheat flour modaks, just replace rice flour with wheat and done! Also, stuffing remains the same for all the types too. Today, I made more than 51 wheat flour modaks, shared all the details on my Instagram stories, I am super active on insta, so if you are not there with me, do connect 🙂

  1. Beetroot Modaks

beetroot modak, healthy


Take 4-5 Beetroots, wash them well and remove their peel. Grate them properly.

Take a pan and heat it appropriately, add 2 table spoons of ghee in it. Now add the grated beetroots and mix them well. After a little while of stirring, add jaggery and mix it well. After its consistency is thickened add Cardamom powder and dry fruits grated if you wish too!

Now the beetroot mixture is ready to be given the modak shape in either the stencil or by your hands.

  1. Carrot Modaks

carrot modak, healthy

Exactly the same procedure is to be followed like beetroots for carrot modaks.

  1. Coconut Modaks

Coconut Modak, healthy

This is by far the easiest I feel. The Saran or the stuffing you made in the beginning for rice and wheat flour modaks, the same saran needs to be given Modak shape and it’s done, yes that’s how it is! 😀

Please Note: I am no chef, but yes, in the making you can say 😉 All these recipes, I have personally tried and they taste delicious! Also, we aren’t using health hazardous substances so you can carelessly gorge upon them 😊 Yes, I’ll update the pictures as I will make them one by one for our bappa!

P.S. Today, I made 51 wheat flour modaks with the same recipe stated above, the picture is also clicked by me! They were delicious, although the shape wasn’t perfect as I prefer making it myself without a stencil.

Hope you find these Healthy, Easy To Make Modak Recipes useful! Do share with us in the comments below some tasty and healthy recipes if you have any! Also, let me know how did you find these!


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