International Women’s Day: Here’s what freedom & happiness means to today’s Real Women!

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day : Today’s Real Women open up about what freedom and happiness is to them!

I am so freaking excited to bring you guys this Women’s Day special article! It is so special because I had the opportunity to talk to some brilliant and beautiful women about what freedom and happiness is to them! Every one deserves to be free and happy. But the reality often tells a different story! Whatever hardships women face at home or at their work places, today is the day to let go and celebrate the spirit of womanhood and, appreciate the fact that we have come so far in life despite the circumstances! Time to give a pat on your back, ladies! 🙂 I personally take the conscious effort to put aside all the issues that are lingering around and focus on the brighter side of things. Today we talk about only positivity!

I asked a few women a simple question: What is happiness and freedom is to you? And, my god! I got such wonderful answers that reflected the person’s strong emotions with those words. There was a common thread in many of the responses that I received. Almost all of the women felt that their freedom is their happiness! Some said freedom is NO interference, or as simple as to be able to choose what to wear! Some said it’s about equality and, happiness for a few are their dreams!

Such beautiful responses! I could not accommodate all here but trust me I read every little response that I got over DM or twitter or FB, you name it! Now, let’s get a glimpse into the minds of these amazing women right away! 🙂


Happiness for me is when I make other’s happy by my actions or behavior towards them. Freedom for me is when I have the liberty to do what I wish to in my time and in my way without anyone’s interference and permission!  – Amoghvarsha Yadav, Professor and a mother of two!

Freedom to me is being fundamentally myself without feeling the need for anyone’s approval. Happiness is a conscious decision I make daily in spite of the situations! – Parul Arya, Relationship Manager

Freedom for me is to express myself, to live my life on my condition not the way what other people want me to live. Happiness is to find the excitement in life’s small things, make myself happy cz “a girl’s smile can do anything.” – RJ Surabhi, Red FM

Freedom for me has always been abilities to do something which makes me grow more as a human. When I say freedom, I’m more of me. When you set yourself free from all the limitation of what you thought you couldn’t do, you see and feel the power to do many things. This gives nothing but happiness in many different ways!      – Rohini Hiremath, Journalist and an Artist

For me, freedom is living my way of life in every moment fully without compromise with no adjustment, with no restrictions. I know my limits! My freedom is my happiness. – Hetal Sadhu, Student

Freedom is being myself and freeing my heart and mind from the effort of merely impressing people. Happiness is the by product of achieving freedom! – Sonali Singh, Content Writer

International Women's Day

Freedom for me is to let me be who I am. And, my happiness is my freedom! – Namrata Dawda, Fashion Consultant

Freedom is when I am not questioned for my clothes that I wear or things that I do. Happiness for me is when I have freedom to live my life without being answerable to ANYONE! – Archana Sadhu, Tutor and a homemaker

Freedom for me is to follow my dream and passion. I be happy always through meditation and yoga. – Suchitra Chari, Classical Singer

Freedom is about giving equal rights and opportunities, it’s about equality to me. Happiness is ME, it’s not bound to any situation or person. – Priyanka Raut, Architect

Being myself is freedom. Listening to my own inner voice and trusting the choices leads to happiness. Freedom is the key of happiness. Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which I move through change. – Prachi Sonavne, Journalist

Freedom for me is to be able to do what I want to when I want to without anyone’s permission. Happiness are my kids! – Reshma Khandare, Homemaker

This International Women’s Day, I got an opportunity to dive into the minds of Real Beautiful Women to know what freedom and happiness is to them! It was a blessing! When I was younger, I wished I was a boy so as to get all the freedom and love my brothers have. But today, I sincerely am PROUD of myself for who I am and who I have become over the years. There is a lot of scope for improvement though! 😀

Do you want to know what freedom and happiness is for me? Read up!

Freedom is that amazing thought that tells me I am free and a liberated soul to do things in all possibilities. I take constant effort to be happy despite the circumstances. It is independent of any person or situation. Freedom and happiness are the basic needs!Meghana Pawar, Professional Content Writer, Editor and Blogger, Happiness Agent!

If you liked the article, do share it with your friends and inspire them in positivity! Thank you so much taking the time to drop by! Now, I would love to know from you! What is happiness and freedom is to you? comment below and share your thoughts with all of us! 🙂

Happy Women’s Day ladies!

International Women's Day

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International Women’s Day Celebration!

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