It’s International Girl Child Day – Let’s Talk

Happy International Girl Child Day

Today is International Girl Child Day…

The reason why I am so damn emotional about this whole women empowerment thing is because I have been grown up in an environment where there was bias and is still there. But I was weak back then, now I speak up for myself to get my share or at least I try. Seeing the bias everywhere so strongly that at one point I believed that this is how things are! I wasn’t given the best things amongst what was available to us. And, I grew up believing that I don’t deserve it and this is how it is. This is true to the smallest and most basic things like “food” to the biggest things like “freedom.”

Yes, but I do accept that things have changed now. My environment has widely improved. However, there is always scope for improvement, but yes, things are way better than before. I am fortunate, not everyone is. There are still places where girls are not allowed to be born, female feticide is still a thing, girls are not allowed to go to school, are sold for cheap thrills. I am not saying this, the statistics and the data say it. The sex ratio in India according to 2011 census is 940 females per 1000 males.

But you know what? We have hope…This will change, not immediately but eventually! Also, the revolution has already begun! 😊 We have inspirational women across the world like Priyanka Chopra, Malala, Lilly Singh, Marie Forleo, Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey among many others who are change agents! And, all of us can be! I don’t want to discuss just the bad things because that only leads to depression and negativity! So, acting upon it, talking about it, doing something and taking the first step is the key.

happy international girl child day

So, for this International Girl Child Day initiative, I spoke to several individuals who were happy to volunteer and contribute for this write-up that has the potential to reach millions and do their bit. Imagine if our little initiative in the right direction can help even one person to get to actually thinking, then isn’t all this will seem fruitful?

A few beautiful women came forward and shared with us, what is it like to have a girl child and unlike popular belief why don’t they consider it a patronizing thing. They are proud parents of a single child, a girl child.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you understand that a healthy child is the one you should pray for and that’s what I wanted. Whether it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t really make a difference. It’s the love, affection and their upbringing which makes a difference. Today I am proud that my daughter is no less than a boy. In fact, she is a child many parents would love to have!

Aditi Khandekar, Air India

It doesn’t matter to me. I always wished to have a baby girl. I believe girls are always there to divide your sorrows. Trust me daughters are given to lucky ones. My daughter is my life and I want to thank god with all my heart to bless me with my girl and best friend for life.

Deepika Bhatia, a happy mother of a beautiful girl

It never occurred to me as such that I want only a baby boy, I just wanted to have my own child. All we (I and my husband) wanted was a healthy baby. Also, it was entirely our decision and, our in-laws thankfully did not pressurize us to have a boy. We are proud parents to a baby girl.

Seema Pawar, Entrepreneur

All I wanted was a kid, having a girl or boy really made no difference. According to me, girls are more attached to the parents. We do not have those orthodox belief systems where a boy is considered superior. Also, we (I and my husband) brought her up like that, we have made her strong. She did night shifts at work and had all the freedom. It is believed in our society that the last rights of parents need to be performed by their son else there is no place in heaven. Shattering such norms, we were firm on our decision to have a baby girl.

Chitra Gaikwad, Professor

Aren’t these words inspiring? As a part of the survey, I spoke to many adults (male and female) and asked them their preference. Note: I interviewed individuals age: 23 to 35 (young adults) from cities. Figures are approx.

  • 60% of the response was neutral as in they were okay with a girl or a boy child
  • 20% preferred a baby girl
  • 10% preferred a baby boy
  • 7% said they do not want children
  • 3% said they want dogs

I had a fun and an insightful time doing this exercise. There were many more revelations and stories that I got to listen. Some were saddening, surprising and praiseworthy. Such a learning experience. 🙂 I intend to do so much more in this direction.

So girls, speak up, grow and shine. Make yourself and your loved ones’ proud. Life is pretty small, make everyday count. You may have to work 10 times harder to reach somewhere but do it anyway.

Back Story: A person complained to me “you put out yourself, you are going places, doing things it’s not easy for us introverts.” Damn, I get awkward too, I am such an introvert but, being social is a part of my job! Also, I get trolled so much and it starts right from my home! Does it bother me?  Yes! Will it stop me? No! Because I have had it enough. Now, I just want to be. 🙂

So, I leave you here this week… 🙂 Happy International Girl Child Day! Thank you for being a valued support!

P.S. Thank you Rahul Sonar for the help in the research department! 🙂 

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