#MomByChoice Ad Campaign by Titan Raga is the best thing I have watched lately!

#MomByChoice Titan Raga

#MomByChoice Ad Campaign by Titan Raga!

Motherhood is the one of the biggest blessing a woman experiences in her life. But, often we have seen that mothers, especially working mothers are overworked. They often are surrounded and burdened with tons of responsibilities and expectations. A lady fulfils the needs of the whole family, her kids, only to hear piercing words from her dear ones.

Growing up, I had a very tom and jerry like relationship with my mom and was never very close to her. But now, when I see her contribution to the family, all that she has done without getting paid for it, AND I will have to do that someday, gives me goosebumps! My respect for her has multiplied and now I am all the more compassionate and loving towards her. 🙂

I recently watched this ad campaign by Titan Raga and it deeply touched me. I let my Mass Media background to the backdrop for sometime and let my emotions speak. Because being the ‘over thinker’ that I am, I also had similar questions, apprehensions and thoughts that are defined in the ad. The line… “Maa Banna Sacrifice Nahi Hai…It’s A Choice!” is a gem!

Truly! Motherhood should be a choice and not a sacrifice! Another line which the protagonist says to her mom, “Thank you, Apni jindagi Se Muj Jitna Pyar Karne Ke Liye!” is gold. I have immense respect for women with such dual responsibilities and who take up their passions with them lifelong! This certainly does not make them less loving or less homely or less family oriented or less responsible as they are generally tagged! Become a #MomByChoice! I certainly also love their tagline: Khud Se Naya Rishta!

Bravo Titan Raga #MomByChoice Team!

Watch the ad here:

How did you like the ad? Do you also feel the connect? Comment below and share your heart out! It’s your space! 🙂

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