25th Birthday: This is what happened when I decided to plan!

25th Birthday Plans

My 25th Birthday: Internal Conversation…

Mind: Okay. I have messed up enough. On this day, you came into this world, so, for a change, I will listen to you!

Body: Really?

Mind: Yes, tell me what do you want?

Body: Well, currently, I badly need some Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium, and Hemoglobin among other good stuff…

Mind: God! You’re so boring. (Sigh) Ya…Chal agreed!

Soul: Hey, why you guys keep forgetting me! I am part of your group too! It is my day also!

Mind: Now you have demands too? Ok tell me for once, what do you want?

Soul: (In all its glory) I want a Nature Walk, Some Peace, maybe Some Soulful Music, Mediation, and Pranayams. 🙂

Mind: Why am I stuck with such a boring company! :/

Body and Soul: Acha, don’t crib…it’s your day too! Tell us… What do you want today!

Mind: Now you’re talking! 😀 I want a lavish lunch and some ice cream. I wanna look my best, take awesome pictures and tell the world that I am having a great day!

Soul to the Body: (Big Sigh!) Ye nahi sudhrega! xD

… … …

Interesting much? Pretty profound, if you actually ponder over it!

#TrueStory: This conversation just came to me naturally while I was doing my Kriya. I even laughed a bit and as soon as I opened my eyes I jotted it down. I was supposed to make a JPEG of the same but then it turned out to be super long. And, it is so funny to be left like that. Then I planned a FaceBook post just before the blog idea arrived. I was like… “What is wrong with you Meghana! You have invested so much to build this website, might as well use it wisely!” Hence, the blog! I really hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing and editing while discussing it with my brothers.

Do post a smiley in the comments below if it made you smile! 😊 And yes! share it with your friends because it is kind of relatable too! That will be my 25th Birthday Gift from you!

P.S. About the image, the blog was so impromptu that I could just think of this for now! I might change it later though!

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