Padman: Get to know a real superhero and a story that is supremely inspiring!

Akshay Kumar on the sets with the real Padman Arunachalam Muruganantham!

Padman: Get to know a real superhero and a story that is supremely inspiring!

I wanted to watch this Padman with my mom hoping that the film would make some positive shifts and she would reduce at least 1% of all the restrictions put on me every damn month! But urggg! she refused to come because the film talks about pads and periods! Yes, that happened, and I am utterly disappointed. Stating this just so we can understand the mentality of people here even in the metro cities. If this is the situation here then we can only imagine the condition in the villages! The first half of the film portrays that reality.

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Padman Plot & Technical Aspects:

In the film, director R. Balki tries to narrate the life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham in a manner which is likable and also entertaining. The film’s first half is all about Laxmikant Chauhan’s (Akshay Kumar) struggle to make a sanitary pad for his wife Gayatri (Radhika Apte) and convince his family and society while explaining its benefits and uses. In the second half, it is about his big invention and his success story. Overall the film is extremely inspiring and shows the real picture of our society. I am glad mensuration is being discussed openly in the mainstream Hindi cinema today.

The story-telling is apt and keeps the viewers engaged rightly. The director has a lot to say and hence does not waste any time in the process. The story is to the point without any loose ends or draggy shots. The film gets Bollywoodish due to the love angle between Akshay and Sonam Kapoor which suddenly snowballs in the latter half. The dialogues are impactful and the speech in the second half among other details, is a delight.


Radhika Apte steals the show here undoubtedly. She owns her character and literally becomes that woman. The way she expresses her grief and every emotion, makes you feel her pain.

Akshay Kumar being the lead carries the entire film on his shoulders. He is sweet and likable as Laxmikant. A man who is not afraid to be seen wearing a pink ladies’ underwear on the big screen, he deserves all the praise!

Sonam Kapoor has a small role and less screen space but manages to make her presence felt. She performs her role convincingly. All the other supporting actors pulled off their parts justifiably.

The Message:

More importantly, the film gives a message that needs to reach everyone, especially in the remote villages. With the Padman Challenge and the film promotions, people have started talking and this issue has come to the spotlight which is a very good thing. Arunachalam Muruganantham’s work where he wants to make sanitary pads available to women at affordable rates is getting the right support as the producer of the film Twinkle Khanna is working towards it. Twinkle is also trying to make the pads bio-degradable along with the affordability factor.

The TED video where the real Padman tells his story!

This man is truly a superhero and his work is remarkable! The movie is a must-watch because it is a content driven movie and a story that deserves to be applauded!

Here is a very interesting and an insightful video where Twinkle Khanna talks about the film and adresses the related questions at the Oxford Union:

So, have you watched Padman yet? are you planning to watch it? I would love to hear your reviews and stories in the comments below 🙂

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