Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander: Book Review

Title: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Author: Dr. Eben Alexander

Publication: Piatkus

Number of Pages: 194

Price: $9.41

The book – Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander gives an extraordinary glimpse into the world beyond our existence. I have always been fascinated by after life stories and near death experiences of people. But, this book narrates Dr. Eben Alexander’s illness tale and, how he goes through an astonishing experience, with utmost sincerity.

Dr. Eben Alexandar, a highly trailed and qualified Neurosurgeon never believed in NDEs or Near Death Experiences but, he was destined to experience one! The Doctor suffered from a rare deadly illness and due to which he slipped into coma for 7 days. During this period, he ventured beyond this world, the afterlife, which in his words is made up of pure love. His NDE transformed him completely and made him believe in the power of the universe, the higher self. Mr. Alexander found the proof of heaven during his NDE.

Well, there is an army of people who ‘do not’ believe in NDEs and there is also a sea of people who ‘do.’  Irrespective of that, this book gives a faded idea of what a person goes through, what he feels like during his Near Death Experience. Another reality is not all NDEs are same or can be compared to each other as they are unique and special for the one experiencing it. I am glad that the author had the courage to share his story with us.

Now, I would love to know whether or not you believe in after life or Near Death Experiences. Share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. Wow!
    Even I have been curious about NDE after hearing about experiences people had!
    I have not read the Book but,
    Ur review has inspired me to read it☺
    Nice article ,Keep sharing 😀

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