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Psychedelic art

One fine day, as usual, I was drawing and I went into deep imagination of what to draw? That day my mind, imagination and fingers slipped into a random art which is known as Psychedelic Art. Yes, five years ago, I never knew my mind could recognize this revolutionary and evolving art!

I have tried many genres of art, but Psy Art has something more to do with your body, mind, spirit and evolution, according to my personal experiences! Art is a self-discovery. One thing to which I always believe is that each and every child is blessed with an artistic hand. You see every child scribbling on the wall! This would only continue if a sustainable effort comes from surrounding to make it a practice. My journey with Psychedelic art has been so, so spiritual. I could go on a meditation for hours and imagine the designs and then start drawing. I started mixing sacred geometric art with psy, doodle with psy and also tantra with psy.

In India, Psychedelic art is not as popular as in westerns. But, Indians, especially the youths have accepted Psychedelic music so well that it’s also making a channel and acceptance for psy designed clothes, flyers, posters, etc. And in the near future, this will create a huge platform for psy artist in giving them individual recognition and career goals. But, one thing, people still find hard to accept that- Psychedelic is not all about drugs. We kind of believe that the intake makes our mind work more trippy. It is very important for each of us to know that psychedelic is a foundation in human consciousness. For example, even if you take some dose and draw, you can see your art to some level. But, if you do it naturally, over a period of time, you will recognize how you have evolved from basic to mature. Also, how your mind has different horizons of understanding Psy Art along with the growth of own inner consciousness.

It’s a constant practice which focuses intention, bring greater awareness of the unseen forces in life and utilize state of extraordinary consciousness. Yoga, meditation and mystic vision and imagination have a great influence on such art. Psychedelic art is all about your openness to the universe and all about being conscious. It’s the moment of mind and imagination. I would say more than being influenced by Psy Arts, I have discovered, the ability to be a psy artist through my horizons. Travelling has many influences to my art more than anything! You escape from the outer world to your won transect world that has more space of peace, silence and imagination.

After all the blooming technology, I have still kept my style very native and traditional. I don’t use any computerized software, and any tools, which, today, doesn’t really support the commercial market. Psychedelic experiences are applied to cultivate mental-emotional well-being, physical health, self-awareness, compassion, empathy, creativity, clarity, honesty, etc. Psychedelics can be fantastic recreational experiences. Art through freedom of consciousness allows for one to define their own explorations. Hence, it was never a drug dosed magic, but always an awaking of the inner world!

– Artist, Journalist Rohini Hiremath

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and learning more about this art form from Rohini, I certainly did! Do share your thoughts in the comments below….! Can’t wait to get the conversation started!

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