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Today’s article is a super special Q & A and I am really excited to bring it to you! I am glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with YouTuber Beverly Dee! (*Drum Rolls Please*). The pretty young lady takes all the effort week after week to inspire, entertain and spread positive vibes to the kindred souls like us on the good world of internet. She works in an Ad Agency and also has her YouTube channel with the name: ‘Beverly Dee.’ Her videos are super fun, positive and oh yes, she also sings gorgeously! Among her many collaborations, one was with YouTube sensation Lilly Singh aka Superwoman! 🙂

What I love about Beverly Dee is that she is so simple and genuine. I felt like I was talking to a friend when I spoke to her over the mail. And, her voice is so soothing even when she talks! Also, I love how she sweetly says the line, “Dream Big, Be Kind, Stay Positive and Most Importantly Be yourself!” after every video! Now, you may or may not know her already but, I am sure we are going to learn so much from this fun interview.

Here we go!

Describe yourself in not more than 5 words!

Ans. Hmmm let’s see…

  1. Positive
  2. Passionate
  3. Non-confrontational
  4. Low-maintenance
  5. EXTRA (meaning I get too excited about a lot of things for no reason :P)

Really dug deep for this one hahaha!

How do you manage to stay consistent with your content on YouTube, considering so much going on!

Ans. To be very honest, it’s a struggle. I’m not 100% consistent and that’s because of a bunch of reasons, lack of privacy at home + my full time job being some of them. But these are just excuses 😛 I should be planning my videos in advance but I always fail to do that and the day before I have to shoot I’m STRESSED!

I think the thing that makes me at least try and be consistent is the guilt that comes with not being consistent. I love making videos and the feeling of not uploading a video one week makes me want to try harder the next time.

Does the internet (Social Media) overwhelm you?

Ans. Absolutely not! I think my presence online might be overwhelming for my followers and friends because I’m constantly online! And I love it so much, Twitter especially. Whenever I can, I keep checking social media, just to connect with followers, let my brain explode and check what’s going on in the world/on the internet. I couldn’t imagine a day without social media!

If I am not wrong, you manage YouTube with a fulltime job, right? So is it, “all work no play” kind of a thing for you?

Ans. Yes I have a full time job in digital advertising and I do YouTube on the side. It definitely feels like I have two jobs because I put a lot of effort (I believe) in my YouTube channel and my full time job has extremely demanding hours. Like I mentioned before, being consistent because of this is a struggle. But I dedicate my weekends to YouTube (and whatever I can manage on weeknights when I’m back from work). At times, I forget how to spend a weekend because I can be a little too hard on myself for not doing enough work on those days 😛

But until I financially need my full time job (which I do enjoy), I’ll have to figure out a balance.

What are your thoughts on work life balance!

Ans. Speaking of figuring out a work life balance, I really need to get good at this! I procrastinate so much on one hand and on the other I also am a little hard on myself if I feel like I’m not putting in much work. I think it’s so important to have the best of both worlds in considerable amounts, if not equal. It keeps you sane and happy, and that’s crucial. While my ultimate idol, Lilly Singh, inspires me to work my butt off, I need to remember that my schedule and lifestyle is different than hers, and having some down time is not bad at all, in fact it’s needed.

How do you look at competition on YouTube?

Ans. I can honestly say that I deal with competition in a much better way now. I used to look at my fellow / bigger creators thinking “Damn I’ll never get to their level.” or “Why are they succeeding and I’m not?” But I learnt to not question their success and get inspired by it instead. Making comparisons to others and putting myself down has always been a problem since childhood but I’m definitely working on it and I’m now viewing competition as a positive rather than a negative.

How do you handle hate on YouTube? Does being a female YouTuber makes it difficult or it is the other way around?

Ans. I’m fortunate enough to not receive hate on a regular basis. Since my subscriber base is not that high, the hate is comparatively less. How do I deal with it? I laugh at it. Honestly. The thought of someone I don’t even know, on the other side of the screen, spending the time to mock something I do, is hilarious to me. Also, I think the creators I follow have talked so much about dealing with hate that it has prepared me for it, in a way.

All Indian female YouTubers will vouch for this when I say that they’ve received hate comments saying they “copy Superwoman”. It’s so silly to compare every single brown girl to another famous brown YouTuber that you can’t help but brush it off.

Since this is a women special month, do you mind sparkling your pixie dust and a bit of wisdom on my women readers who wish to grow and achieve in life!

Ans. Ooooo pixie dust hahaha I like it!

To be very honest, gender doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have all of the potential to achieve something you work hard towards. For women especially, I know that society’s/family’s expectations can make it seem like you don’t deserve to explore your passions and achieve your goals. But remember, they’re expectations and opinions for a reason. You don’t have to live up to them if they’re not going to make you happy. If you truly want something, fight for it, and keep trying.

Your message for all my readers!

Ans. If you could take away one thing I’ve learnt in life, then that’s “know yourself.” Inside out. I think the solution to every problem, dilemma, decision, struggle you’ll find yourself in and experience lies in knowing your emotions. I know it sounds really spiritual (and it probably is) but being in tune with your feelings (the negative and positive ones) is so important. Because no matter what people say, what you go through and what your goals are, knowing EXACTLY how you feel is half the journey. The rest is up to you, to act on it or make the most of it.

Life experience tip: Give yourself a pep talk from time to time. Telling yourself “It’s okay” or “Damnnn I’m proud of you” works wonders (and is potentially schizophrenic) BUT MOSTLY WORKS WONDERS!

Stay inspired and keep going <3

Wow that was indeed inspiring and insightful! 🙂

You can check out her YouTube channel here: Beverly Dee!

So, wasn’t this amazing? Yes! I know it is! I loved it and hope you did too! 🙂 I am all support for women who take steps to better their lives in any way! And, Beverly Dee is the epitome of positivity! Do comment below with the one insight you plan to take away from this interview! We would love to know!

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