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I finally got to collaborate with the one and only #MarathiMulgi YouTuber Prajakta Koli. I believe, her YouTube Channel Mostly Sane is the fastest growing one with 133,556 subscribers until now to be precise, in a short span of less than two years! Her channel is digitally powered by One Digital Entertainment. The gorgeous girl Prajakta manages to give you lovable doses of laughter every Thursday with her fun comic videos.

The young lady is a thorough professional when it comes to work and stands by consistency. She is one of the most loved Indian YouTubers and why not? With that wit and cute persona lovers are bound to fall for her! My curious mind got some lucrative answers to how she manages to stay consistent and stay positive all the time!

Here’s the very insightful interview with none other than Prajakta Koli. Gear up to learn a thing or two all you lovely readers.

Let’s dive straight in!

Describe yourself in not more than 5 words!

Ans: I am just like you 🙂

How do you manage to stay consistent with your content on YouTube, considering so much going on!

Ans: I have made a mental note made to myself that no matter what happens.. I have to put out 3 videos every week because my audience expects it. And I live in constant fear of losing my viewers if I disappoint them. I have seen the difference consistency brings to your channel and I live by it. There are times when I am facing a creative block and cannot churn out my best everytime, but I’d rather upload a mediocre video than no video. I worship consistency.

A lot of young girls idolize you. How do you keep up with that image?

Ans: It is very flattering and pressurizing at the same time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. To keep up with it, I make sure all the content I put up on the channel is clean. I dislike unhealthy humour as a creator as well as a viewer. Hence, I make sure that nothing uncomfortable goes up on the channel. Also, a lot of my young viewers enjoy my content along with their families so I make sure nothing makes either of them cringe.

Don’t you feel the pressure of constantly putting yourself out there? How do you handle it?

Ans: The pressure gets to me more times than you can imagine. In fact I was feeling it quite a lot up until last week. But there isn’t a way without it. It comes with the job. When I started off, I never imagined I would be able to put out so much content every week, but here I am almost 200 videos later, still going strong. I have these moments of self-doubt but then I go through the comments on my videos, I read all the mails my viewers write me and get on with it. There is nothing else I would rather do than create good content for my viewers.

Prajakta Koli, ideasthroughwords.com
Prajakta Koli

How do you like to unwind?

Ans: I love travelling. So whenever possible, I like taking trips with my family and friends. From weekend getaways to week long vacations. Otherwise, I love reading, cooking, watching movies, vegging out on my bed binge watching YouTube videos or sitcoms and the likes. And my work permits me to take breaks whenever I wish to. I love my job!

Your idea of a perfect day?

Ans: My perfect day would start at around 8:30 am.. a cup of coffee.. a 20 minutes work out.. eggs and bacon for breakfast… a nice hot bath.. putting on new clothes (that’s my high!).. new sneakers… driving on a traffic-free road to meetings.. grilled chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch… a few more amazing meetings.. coming home to shoot,edit and upload a video that then goes viral… coffee with friends… dinner with family… watching a movie in bed.. stalking a few people on instagram and dozing off to wake up to another amazing day! Yep!

How do you look at competition on YouTube?

Ans: Frankly, I am super secure as a person when it comes to my work. Competition hardly gets to me. It does not bother me. Another creator is doing better than me? Great! More power to them!

How do you handle hate on YouTube? Does being a female YouTuber makes it difficult or it is the other way around?

Ans: Again, I am super blessed when I say that hate has never bothered me! Its surprising. I was expecting to be affected by it but it did not get to me. I don’t know how. I don’t know why! On the contrary, I find it rather amusing! I think on a platform like YouTube, you get hate no matter what gender you belong to. So being a female creator did not really affect the trollers. They hate me anyway!

Since this is a women special month (March), do you mind sparkling your pixie dust and a bit of wisdom on my women readers who wish to grow and achieve in life!

Ans:  Wisdom? I don’t know. I am still gathering some for myself from everybody else. But 1 thing I heard loud and clear and learnt from in the past 2 years on youtube is that it is liberating to accept and love yourself as you are. I love myself more than anybody else. And I am super comfortable in my own skin. And since then, life has been a walk in the park for me. Nothing gets to me.. and I am always happy. I know you’ve heard it everywhere… but seriously, BE YOURSELF. It’s the most liberating thing you will experience and your life will change for good. And you know what? Its easier than you think! Give it a go!

Your message for all my readers!

Ans: If you’ve reached the end, I applaud your patience! Thank you for bearing with me!


Awesome! Isn’t it? Yeah, you can thank me for making it possible in the comments below! (Lol, Kidding! Please Thank Prajakta Koli for saying Yes!) And, Sorry readers, released it a bit late due to a technical glitch on the site! Hope it is fine 🙂

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