Simple and effective ways to reduce eye strain naturally!

reduce eye strain naturally

Over Screen Exposure? Simple ways to reduce eye strain naturally!

We live in a digital age where technology is our world. We are intertwined with our gadgets and spend maximum time before screens. Personal computers, desktops, laptops, handheld devices, smart phones, play stations etc. are a part of our life, and you can’t agree more when I call these devices a necessity!

It is a known fact that these screens and the light they emit put a lot of strain on our eyes making them irritable. As much as we give importance to our work, it is equally significant to pause and take care of our valuable body and precious eyes, as they are priceless!

So if you are troubled with eye strain and eye fatigue due to over screen exposure, scroll down to learn a few easy ways to reduce eye strain naturally. Let us first briefly understand what is the dreaded blue light!

The Blue Light:

As we are overly exposed to these digital devices, we cannot be thankless to the digital world. For digitization has given a lot. But at the same time there is this digital devil, which must be exposed. THE BLUE LIGHT! Yes, studies suggest that the blue light, emitted by digital devices is affecting our eyes at dangerous levels, resulting in strained, aching, red, itching, and irritating eyes. Prolonged exposure to blue light could even lead to serious retinal damage.

Here are a few tips that will certainly help to protect against the horrendous rays, and reduce eye strain.

Remedies to reduce eye strain naturally:

Computer eye gear:

  • Prevention is better than cure. Wear a protective eye-gear that filters and restricts the harmful blue light and other rays from screens of digital devices.

heal eye strain naturally


Warm palms eye therapy:

  • Palm rubbing is extremely helpful. Rub your palms against each other until you feel the warmth. Then put your warm palms on your eyes for sometime. Repeat this for a few times. This simple trick will relax your strained eyes and make you feel better instantly.

heal eye strain naturally

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Natural eye drops:

  • Put 3-4 drops of unrefined sesame oil or organic rose water as eye drops at bedtime. You can also use medicated eye drops. It is always advisable to consult your doctor for the same.

heal eye strain naturally

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The 20-20-20 Rule:

  • If you have to work for longer hours with computers, then follow this 20-20-20 rule. That is, every 20 minutes, look at objects that are at least 20-feet away for about 20 seconds.
  • The pencil-tip exercise: Spare a few minutes in between your work to perform this exercise to strengthen eye muscles. Hold a pointed pencil at about 25 cm from your face and stare at the tip. Keep staring and moving it away and then towards your face slowly. Repeat it a few times.

heal eye strain naturally

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Say NO to digital devices a few hours before you sleep:

  • Researchers have suggested that for a relaxed sleep, it is best to avoid using digital devices a few hours before bed time. Have a healthy sleep every night so as to relax your brain, nerves and eyes.

heal eye strain naturally

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Massage scalp and feet:

  • It is recommended to massage your scalp and feet with warm castor oil before going to bed. This will ensure good blood circulation, hence healing your aching strained eyes.

heal eye strain naturally

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Vitamin A and other vitamins:

  • Ensure adequate intake of vitamin A that is extremely essential for eye-health and vision. Include bright coloured fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish and tropical fruits in your diet.

heal eye strain naturally

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Meditate and do breathing exercises:

  • Meditate and practice breathing exercises so as to relieve stress. This works for the holistic development of brain and body.

heal eye strain naturally

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These are the simple yet effective ways to reduce eye strain naturally! Hope they help you to get rid of your strained eyes. Do you have any such simple tricks to heal eye strain? Do share with us in the comments below and help other folks. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

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  1. Extended digital screen viewing can cause of digital eye strain. Tired eyes, pain, headaches, vision changes, dryness & redness are the symptoms of eye strain. These are the best natural remedies to relieving eye strain. Thanks for sharing.

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