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Gifts for women

Jingling the bells of happiness, December has arrived. The fancy fog, chilly twilight and icy nights. And along with this beautiful winter season, comes the cutest and much awaited festival of the year: Christmas. 🙂 Holiday season is shopping season and, Christmas being around the corner, you surely are ready to receive and give away lovely gifts to your dear ones. While searching through humongous variety online, I found these amazing and highly useful handbags that could make perfect gifts for women this holiday season.

I have fallen in love with this collection of handbags. This is the best shopping and gifting option for the lovely ladies! After receiving a lot of flowers and other unnecessary gifts all through the years, I learnt that I will always gift a gift that the person at the receiving end will actually love to use 🙂 So this…! Wish you happy shopping for gifts this holiday season 🙂

Crunchy Fashion Brown Chic City Women’s Sling Bag:

This sling bag is highly voguish for that urban lady look. Western outfits are best paired. This beauty is available in bold blue and lovable grey shades.

Beautiful Printed Women’s Tote Bag

This highly economical tote bag got my eyes because of its nice retro style black and white print plus the embroidery. Best for your regular  outings. There are multiple similar beautiful prints that you cannot miss but checkout on the site. Click the link and explore more 🙂

Chic women’s designer handbag:

This cute bag gives you ample confidence when you hang it to go to your college with your regular outfits.

Stylish black workplace sling bag:

Black is one main nerve in fashion world. Hence, this black sling bag is more than perfect to give you the busy working urban woman look.

Vintage Stylish Ladies Expandable Backpack/Handbag

This gorgeous bag is a must have and can be a fantastic gifting option for the lovely lady. It is so compatible with all western outfits and can shine with semi western outfits too! Available in two other colours, the Christmas red and a quirky pink.

Printed Women’s Sling Bag:

It’s hard to get your eyes off this gorgeous printed sling bag. It is hard to gift this one but yeah, you can definitely buy it for your own self! Pampering ourselves is important girls!

Beautiful Printed Women’s Tote Bag

I have fallen in love with these two pretty bags and I have bought it for myself and my friend. They are so cool and the print is love. Fun for everyday use!

Books women’s Printed Tote Bag
There are many more such pretty prints and stylish bags that can be wonderful gifts for women on the site. Browse through the collection HERE!

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-Article by Sonali and Meghana 🙂 Do let us know which one did you like! What gifts are you planning to give away or are secretly wishing to receive? We would love to hear it from you!




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