Smart Study Habits!

Check out these smart study habits that will aid you to concentrate better and, also save a lot of your time in the process. I have derived this study method for myself and, after using it for all the years, the conclusion is clear that it works wonders for me! Also, I teach this pattern to my students and, they have benefitted from it too. So, through this platform I intend to help you all, by sharing what I learned to make your life a bit easier.

Create your space:

Find yourself a place in which you will be comfortable and nobody will disturb you often. It is nice to have a study table, or a corner in the bedroom or a library, wherever you are comfortable. Ensure you study every day or every time at that place so your mind will naturally get into the study mode whenever you are in that space. You can even stick your goals, motivational quotes, etc. in that area.

Gather all the essentials:

Gather all your essentials and study materials at once, so you don’t need to get up every five minutes to find the eraser or that assignment book. As it will distract you and, hinder your concentration. So, get all the pens, papers, scissors, books, notepads or whatever you need before you start studying. If you wish, you can have some fruits and a bottle of water by your side just in case.

Fill in your tummy:

It is important to fill in your tummy properly before you sit down to learn your assignments. Eat, feed yourself properly, because nothing is going to go into your head if you are starving!

Avoid distractions:

This is so obvious! Yet, we all refuse to follow it! Well, we all need to make sure that we keep our cell phones, tablets, laptops, TV, etc. away while we are trying to solve that difficult calculation. Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and all other sources of entertainment can steal your concentration and time. So have the will power and for your own good, keep these things away for a little while. If you cannot control using them, then, make a deal with yourself to not use it till you finish one chapter or whatever works best for you.

Set time:

Some people can study best during the nights, while some like to start afresh early in the mornings. Others can manage at any time of the day. Find out your best study time where you are at your productive best and, finish difficult chapters then. It will be great if you can decide a time and study at that fixed schedule daily. It is hard, but, you can sure give it a shot.

Make notes:

It is good to make notes rather than just read plain chapters. I used to make my own notes and answers that used to be unique with all the necessary information. Say if you want to make an answer or assignment, then don’t just copy paste stuff from one place. Scan all your study material, and make pointers, include important dates, definitions, diagrams, highlight keywords. Let your hard work show in your answers, it will surely impress the paper reviewer!

Take timely breaks:

It is nice to take timely breaks, every half hour or 45 minutes. Don’t let your brain saturate with information, give it a breather. This enhances productivity.

Set goals:

I just have this habit of writing down how many answers, or how many sums I am going to learn in today’s study session, every single time. This ensured that a respectable amount of work is done. So plan your goals for every study session so you can review it and, feel proud after you are done. But, make sure you set realistic goals and stick to them.

Apart from these, I meditate to calm my mind from distraction and have better concentration. It has helped me big time. Hope the above listed tips help you study better and smarter. If you have any smarter tips, do share with us in the comments below so as to help our readers. I will also write an article about the secrets to good grades in the coming weeks. Till then, Happy Reading!!

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