The Underage CEOs by Ganesh V. – Book Review

Title: The Underage CEOs: Fascinating Stories of Young Indians Who have Become CEOs in their Twenties

Author: Ganesh V.

Publication: HarperCollins Publishers

Number of Pages: 223

Price: Rs. 250  170

The Underage CEOs by Ganesh V. is an inspiring compilation of entrepreneurial stories by young and dynamic individuals who decided to break the odds and follow their passion. These stories not only inspire but also connect as these come from common boys and girls who built a business all by themselves starting early in their twenties. This book teaches several lessons of dedication, commitment, hard-work, entrepreneurial attitude, willing to do a business, building something from the scratch and so on.

I came across this book while surfing the internet, and, the attractive title of the book caught my attention.  I had my presumptions in mind, considering it yet another book on entrepreneurship. Still, I decided to give it a fair try. And, to my delight, this book is so different and helpful. It took me into the world of smart and creative young minds. The brave stories of Shadab Hassan who set up a school to educate the kids in rural Jharkand, another tale of Priyanka Amar who has introduced the concept of home farms in crowded Mumbai apartments and, that of an ethical hacker Sourav Karmakar who made it big by his dedication and, all the other stories kindled a fire in me to do better in my chosen career path.

I recently finished reading The Underage CEOs. And, I definitely recommend it to students, young business tycoons and other individual who have seeds of entrepreneurial desires. This book should also be read by parents so they can give their children the freedom to decide for their careers. Also, huge thanks to the author who took the effort and brought these brilliant stories in the form of a book.

The Underage CEOs is definitely a must read!

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