Things you can relate to if you are a ‘chashmish’ girl | Girl with glasses!

Wearing glasses in the present times, unlike before, is not looked down upon. Lately, it is considered as a cool thing and people use it as an accessory to match up with their dresses. So if you wear glasses often, or have been since long, then probably you can relate with a few of these common things that a girl with glasses would face.

Buying the perfect frame can be life decision!

Girl with glasses

Some frames are too big while some are too small. Cat eyes look great while square frames are old school. Getting a good frame that looks good on your face is a challenge. It is good to experiment, but a tough choice to make. With thousand notions, trends and options, buying the perfect frame becomes a life decision. 😀

You are considered the most responsible one in the group!

Girl with glasses

Wearing glasses makes you look mature and responsible. An important presentation, college elections, or at an office meeting, your spectacles gift you an awesome impression that lasts.

Always get the ‘good girl advantage’!

Girl with glasses

If you are a girl with glasses, then you probably are liked by your friend’s parents and elders because of your ‘chashmish’ personality. People in general consider you good, glasses give away that vibe. Many may or may not like being goodie goodie but, I personally love this!

Glasses work great to hide all the under eye secrets!

Girl with glasses

Yes, I think many can relate to this one. Glasses work great to hide all the flaws and dark circles, if any 😉

Hindrance while clicking pictures!

Girl with glasses

Many people prefer taking snaps and selfies without wearing specs to avoid the light flash on them. It is a constant struggle to wear and remove it while on a photo spree.

With or without specs, cute anyways!

Girl with glasses

True or false for you to decide! I tell this myself to feel good 😀

With more and more celebs opting to get framed, wearing glasses have become the new ‘in thing’

Girl with glasses

Yes, wearing chic glasses and frames have become the new ‘in thing’ especially after celebrities have started endorsing it as a style accessory.

I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted weekend kind of an article. I have been getting requests from my subscribers to also do fun, humour posts in between the informative ones….so this!

Do let me know if you are a girl with glasses and have similar experiences, do share your stories. I love reading your comments and emails. keep them coming 🙂

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