3 Simple & Effective Tricks To Improve Work Efficiency!

Office life is full of hectic work schedules, deadlines, paper work, meetings and a lot more stuff. Whether you work in an office environment or from a home office, there are numerous distractions and happenings that can drain your time and energy, that in turn leave you less efficient with work. We all struggle to be more productive and improve work efficiency on a daily basis.

So, let not your crazy work schedule and a big to-do-list scare you. Because, here I have these tried and tested methods that have helped me big time to improve work efficiency. In fact these tricks also work best to finish other tasks, be it household chores or other odd jobs.

It’s all about the mind:

Yes, it is all in the mind. Our mind is an extremely powerful instrument which can undertake any amount of work skilfully, if trained and directed effectively. What I mean here is, we have to keep our peace of mind and stability intact in order to get more done. I am the most efficient and creative when I am happy, and at peace with myself and the surroundings. Nobody is at their best when upset or angry. So it is vital that we take the responsibility to keep our mind sane.

Even if you start your day on a bad note, switch things around quickly to save the rest of your day. If you plan to achieve more, be happy and do it, I promise you it is more fun this way. 🙂 Have a morning routine and practise some mind calming exercises, meditation so as to increase your focus and concentration.

Be a Pre-planning Champ:

There is something magical about planning your day in advance. I follow so many successful people and entrepreneurs, all of them have one thing in common, they all pre-plan their day in advance. This saves our time and energy, keeping us focused on our tasks. This trick makes us do more things in a day as it help us not waste our time in thinking or making decisions about what has to be done next. As, we have our day plan ready, we just have to follow it and get things done. This is an on point trick to improve work efficiency.

You can jot down tasks every night that has to be accomplished the next day. So, you have a flexible plan ready. You can any time fix it with urgent add-ons if needed.

The 100 % trick:

Giving your 100% i.e. doing your very best in whatever tasks at hand not only renders appreciable results but also gives satisfaction. I learned this technique from the Happiness Program that I participated in by the Art of Living Foundation. This simple yet effective trick has been a boon for me as now I can really finish tasks quickly with more focus and efficiency. This is a huge time management secret also. Giving our 100% in a task and not dragging it unnecessarily saves a lot of time!

Some other tips:

  • Avoid distractions: If you really want to get more done, it is important to sideline all the distractions. Close all the social media tabs and keep the phone, messages, mails away as you focus on work.
  • Time bound tasks: This depends from person to person. Some people like to have time bound goals and can achieve more if they dedicate time to particular tasks while some enjoy flexibility at work. Allotting time for certain tasks ensures that it gets done by that time.
  • Get organised: Yes, being organised saves a lot of time and hence improves efficiency.
  • Appropriate breaks: Take timely breaks and give yourself that time to relax after every 30-45 minutes of your work chunks.
  • Avoid multitasking: Take one thing finish it, and then take another, complete that then move to the next. As simple as that! Do not mix jobs and complicate the process.

Our own willingness and will power has everything to do with productivity. If we are determined to achieve more then we definitely will! Every time 🙂 Don’t be too hard on yourself while doing so, it is important to smile through it all 🙂 Sometimes we miss some tasks from our to-do-list and that’s okay, start fresh the next day, there is always room for improvement.

I really wish these tricks to improve work efficiency help you to get more done. More power to all my readers! Thanks a ton for all the support! Keep the mails, comments and shares pouring in 🙂

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…comment below and let me know!

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