Welcome 2017 with a confusion free mind, a clutter free home and a chaos free office!

welcome 2017

Year arrives and year goes, leaving behind cheers and blows.

Recall your memories, recount your blessings.

Pull up your socks to play new innings.

To do good deeds and work a lot harder

Let’s make this yacht of life sail farther and farther.

Forget the blues and with absolute cheer

With clear hearts, let’s gear to say “Happy New Year” 🙂

With the fall of any year, we tend to stop and look back at chronicles of the passing year. In this passing year 2016 too, I am sure, you all must have had your share of good and bad experiences. Every possible emotional nuance, for a lot happens in a pack of 365 days. And we subconsciously tend to pile up a lot of unwanted emotional baggage that we certainly do not want to carry forward. At this point of time, it is important to manage and organize our thoughts so as to make our mind less chaotic and confusion free.

And yes, when we talk of cluttered mind, we should also talk about unnecessary cluttering of stuff in our homes and offices too. Both these things will hinder our productivity and efficiency. So, let’s organise our lives by taming our thoughts and minds so that all the negativity is released and we move with new energy. Orient and manage our homes and offices better so that we arm ourselves to welcome 2017 with oodles of positivity! 🙂

De-cluttering our minds:

welcome 2017

Complicated situations, issues, relationship problems, financial chaos, health related stuff along with all the dreams, ambitions and goals, our mind goes through a lot! Our year may have been a gorgeous one or an average one, we sure need to review and declutter our mind, making it…New Year ready!

You surely do not want to carry the stress and past negative burden with you forward. Shedding it rightly is what the intelligent would want to do! Simply being grateful for all that you have received is a great start to begin the detox process.

Genuinely remember the good things of 2016 and count your blessings. Smiling already? I want you to smile some more. 🙂 Start the meditation practice you always wanted to right away and add to the list of achievements of 2016!

My readers are my favourite people and so I am sharing a video at the end of the blog from Marie TV about ‘Year Review’ for you to watch and benefit from!

De-cluttering our homes:

Welcome 2017

Our abode is our first workplace and storehouse of our energy. But if it is all disarrayed and messed up, negativity will breed. Let’s make our houses breathe fresh air with this New Year, so that it harbours good fortune and positivity. Also, having a clutter free home environment is a great way to welcome 2017 and have a fresh start!

Obsolete articles end up taking a corner or are find littering elsewhere. We need not throw things always. Some can be put to better use while releasing some space.

Helping hand to needy:

  • You can give clothes, footwear and your kid’s books of previous classes that are rarely used to needy ones. It’s even better, to add a piece of new one along. The act of giving leads to abundance in your own life. And, it can indeed be a great way to welcome 2017. 🙂 This noble deed will not only help others, but will also release a lot of space in your house.

Re-organising and re-using:

  • Remove all the used and expired cosmetic products that have heaped up in your dressing area or in drawers.
  • Spare time to analyse your living area, bedroom or drawing room. You will always find a small useless piece of furniture that is just lying. Like a stool/stand can be given a corner with a decorative piece to increase the aesthetic sense.


  • Re-positioning your couch, stools, tables, bed and other items, could also help you create a lot of room, giving a new-room-feel at the same time.
  • Using boxed tables and beds can help accommodate a number of items that otherwise occupy a lot of floor obstructing movements.


  • Clean out your garden area by weeding out the unnecessary grass and wild plants. If possible, spare an hour or two to re-paint your pots and organize them. This will add new life to your garden area and house.

De-cluttering our offices:

Welcome 2017

  • You can start by removing all the unnecessary files and folders from your table/ computer.
  • Reserve a drawer from now on for your wired items like your charger, adapter, connecting cables etc. Scattered Wires are sure to make table and room look clumsier and messier.
  • Your productivity increases when things are organised and you can focus on the tasks appropriately.
  • Organise yourselves by making a daily, weekly and a monthly planner.
  • Make a habit of briefly scrutinizing your desk and cleaning it up for the next day. This way you can straight away start your work the next morning without wasting time in cleaning.
  • Put your coffee/tea mugs and kettle on a separate stool, rather mingling them among your files on table.
  • Automate your work by using virtual assistants, there are many free apps available.

Organised home or office, not only looks clean, but it creates a healthy environment. And this in turn brings in avalanche of positive energy increasing your productivity manifolds.

Wishing all my lovely readers a very Happy New Year! May you glow and grow in health, wealth and happiness! May joy reside with you 🙂 Thank you so much for the love and blessings! Keep reading and keep visiting the website that aims to spread happiness to all!

Do comment below and share your thoughts to welcome 2017 with us…we love to hear from you 🙂

-Sonali and Meghana

Now as promised here is the video:

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  1. We all wish to start our new year with fresh prespective, but we rearly think about what to do or from where to start. Your article nicely explains in detail all that is needed to be done to clear our emotional baggage and thrash in our homes and office which may stop us from starting fresh. I really like the poem and the idea to give away the less used things to one who might need it. To start the year with gratitude.
    Wish you a happy new year, may the coming year brings you lots of new insights and ideas, which you can translate into words and article, which will help and inspire your reads.

  2. Hello Meghana.. 🙂 Allow me to initiate this conversation between you, me and our friends here, so that this becomes a strong platform where we can share and help each other rinse our emotional woes.. 🙂
    Inspired by Marie(video above), I want to start with answering those 3 questions.

    1)Thing that I am proud about myself(of 2016) : Is that I learned a few basics of music :)(this has been a wish since long)

    2)Thing that I leaned from my mistake: is while wanting to drop a few kgs, I followed wrong schedule. but I analyzed and learned the right way to loose weight 🙂 (this was really tough, but this satisfies me now)

    3)Thing that I want to let go: Is my laziness that (sometimes)unknowingly holds me back to take up new tasks. But I want to work really hard on it this year !!!!

    our friends can also come up and share their answers, new year resolutions or ways they would adopt to welcome 2017. Let this be a healing and motivating process for all of us 🙂 🙂

  3. Year comes n goes, I don’t care as I was enjoying my life, I am enjoying and I will enjoy whatever the situation comes…Cheers!!!

  4. @poonam: well that reflects a positive attitude.. that u wanna enjoy whtevr comes.. plz share some tips/thoughts so that we also learn frm u 🙂 !!!!Cheers

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