Why should you read self-help books?

self-help books

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Why should you read self-help books?

I am a big fan of self-help books for the vast sea of knowledge they possess. These books not only brims positivity but also render new perspective. After reading a lot of them, okay, a few of them, here’s some interesting reasons why I think self-help books rock! Yes, but an important point to consider is that do not randomly pick up any book. Only choose books from remarkable authors, your mentors, people who are expert in their field and understand the know-how, else they can confuse you to the core.

Author expertise:

The authors who take the whole effort and pen down a book, put all their expertise into it. They work day in and day out to make the book the best it can be. Talk to authors about their books and they will tell you how much it goes into writing one! These books are the best opportunities for us to learn directly from the experts. It is a known fact that there will be book from almost any field of knowledge written and made available for you and me to benefit from! We can simply grab a copy and learn the desired skill.

Mentor speaks:

In this internet generation, it is not difficult to connect with people you admire. There are plenty of social media options for that. So, people who make it big are often overwhelmed with messages from fans. It is not possible for your mentors who are celebrities to teach or offer help to you on a one to one basis. So, they write books as a medium to help the people and their followers to achieve results.

If you want to learn from somebody who is the best in their field and you look up to them, then their courses and books can be the perfect guides for you. Even you will agree that they are too caught up hustling for mentoring someone and this is their most dreaded frequently asked question too! So, what are you going to do? Let me enlighten you my friend, pick up their book. It will probably a best seller already and it is for a reason! 🙂

I love and admire so many influencers and biggies like Marie Forleo, Ramit Sethi, Lilly Singh, Harsh Aggarwal and so many other wonderful people who made it big with sheer dedication, hard-work and skills. Trust me I own all their stuff and their books are pure gold.

self help books


Self-help books or personal growth books are gems. They are full of amazing insights that the author shares. The author might have learned the subject for years, did a Ph.D., has loads of experience and he puts it all in simple language for the lucky souls to read. I am not saying that all the self-help books are fabulous, but many of them are. Choose wisely! You surely can learn tons of things and implement them into your life to make it blossom.

Learning at your own pace:

Books allow you to learn at your own pace. Once you have purchased the book, you own it. You read it at your own speed and embrace the knowledge at your own level of understanding. I am currently reading Money: A Love Story by Kate Nightrup. The author has not only given insights but also given many tests and quizzes and questions to write about so as to develop the skills I want to learn. And, its been more than two months, I am reading it at my own speed, taking the little tests and following her guidelines. There is no rush. I am improving at my speed.


I don’t know if I have to tell you this, but books are way too economical than taking a full-fledged course from someone.

Additional benefits:

For non-native speakers, reading English language books can also help develop their language skills, grammar, sentence formation among other things. Apart from the vast expertise the book boasts of course. Another thing I love about books is that I learn a lot of new words, my vocabulary has heightened and I am grateful to all the books that I have read over the years.

Here are some of the self-help books you may want to read:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Money, a Love Story by Kate Northrup
I am almost half way through the book and it has managed to make me clear on my money mindset. You can find out more:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
I had read this international best seller 2 years back and the book is considered a classic and many people swear by it. Have a look:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey:

This is the first book I had read when I was thirteen and I still remember, I had saved the money to buy the original copy of the book. I have read it 4 times since then! Amazing book indeed. A must read for all the teens.

The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make by Sean Covey!

After reading 7 Habits, Sean became my favourite. I went on to buy his another best seller – The 6 Decisions! It is yet another insightful book for teens. Check it out here:

My Previous blog on interesting books we can read: 10 Books That I Desperately Want To Read, And You Should Too!

If you have read any self-help book that has helped you, please comment below and let me know so as to check it out as I love books!

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