You need to come out of the Stress Cloud in order to Grow!

Cut Stress, Bring Happiness

You need to come out of the Stress Cloud in order to Grow!

Yes, you need to come out of that stress blanket you are living under in order to grow! I can say this because I constantly fight my circumstances and make myself happy, because that is so damn important! I come from a middle class background with a semi-dysfunctional family. Things aren’t gold here! You think it is only you who is going through all the crap? No, we all do! Everyone does! Just that, social media is wired to only flaunt success.

But, that is not wrong because it is meant to be that way! Who likes to flaunt discouragements? If you go through my Instagram feed, it’s all happy there. All the appreciation, success stories and recognition plus all the good things. But, as we all know there is so much back story to everything. And, it is the same with everyone, even the famous ones and celebrities! Nobody lives a perfect life. So stop overwhelming yourself.

When I thought of writing about this post, I was sad. But to get my creative juices flowing I need to be happy. So, I did make efforts and changed my mood and started writing it. Because, sadness is a dark place and I don’t want to stay there for long! Nobody should!

There are problems, family problems, relationship issues, financial crises, health problems and the list goes on… But, do you know what is more important? YOU!

No Stress

Stress and Sadness are temporary, they will pass by like floating clouds, do not hold on for long and concrete them!

– Meghana Pawar

Quick Facts about Stress and Sadness:

  • We have been told by our meditation teacher that we tend to pollute a few Km of area around us by our negative emotions.
  • Being Sad is unhealthy as it lowers your Prana Levels (Energy) and thus lowering your immune system.
  • You are more prone to diseases when you are sad! (I am sorry to scare you, but at least reading this might force you to act!)
  • It attracts more negativity and more sadness! (Don’t believe me? check out The Secret!)
  • No work is done
  • We tend to trouble others due to our bad mood
  • Sadness soon snowballs into depression! (I am sure you don’t want that to happen!)

Get out of Stress and Get out of it FAST!

Many people are so ignorant that they spend days and days being sad and depressed. But, you are reading this! So you are already smart! 🙂 First step is awareness! If you are aware of your mood and mind state, then try and make all the efforts to change it.


  • Do things that you love.
  • Take a break and go for a walk.
  • Eat! Many times we forget to do the basic things like eating, thus weakening our bodies even more! When our tummy is full we have the energy to take action.
  • Read a good book!
  • Call a friend and talk it out. If there’s no one to talk to, mail me! (I am serious,you can write to me and feel lighter!)
  • Play your favourite song and dance around, play it loud!
  • Do not make a big deal, forget forgive and be grateful.
  • Divert your attention.
  • Finish your pending task and lesson your burden! #BeProductive
  • Be Giving
  • Meditate more! (Permanent Happiness!)

Happy Mind: This is where the growth lies:

No Stress Only HAPPINESS

Happiness attracts happiness! Miracles happen to those who believe in it! Wealth, health and goodness comes to those who talk about it the most. The law of attraction works this way, what to do? Just follow it! As, I come to the end of writing this post, I am finally smiling 🙂  As I did what I love! I wrote this piece to make myself happy and also to bring a smile on the faces of many such souls. I really hope it serves the purpose. I took so much effort to research the facts and stuff, I do deserve a smile from you, my dear reader! (Comment below with a smiley and let me know it touched you positively, it will make my day!)

So, my dear, for your own good, come out of that Stress Cloud it is no good! And, only you can do it!

More Power To You!

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  1. I so agree with you on each point you made, Meghana! Stress is always going to be a part of everyone’s life. But, there’s no sense in thinking about it, brooding over it endlessly, as that won’t make it go away. Instead, it will only worsen the situation and your state of mind. We all have problems, there’s no soul on this planet who doesn’t. But, we need to learn to control it instead of letting it have a control over our happiness.
    You are a brave soul, my dear, and your positivity is sure contagious! Keep it up! God bless you!

  2. 🙂

    Nice post. I agree, now a days people get stress and depressed by comparing their life with other through social medias likes fb, insta and snapchat where people put up the best part and offen camouflaged version of their life. Forgetting that we all are human and have sad and dissapointing days and it normal.The point is happiness pays sadness doesn’t. So keep yourself happy by being grateful, doing more of what you love, meditating and spreading the positive energy.

  3. Dear Meghana, I loved every ounce of what you wrote. Your beautifully weaved words made stress and sadness to damn simple to handle. I am here for the first time to read the lovely girl I met in the IndiBlogger Meet and I am so glad I Did ❤❤ .. Much Love Roma

  4. Very well written Meghana! Your write up is truly inspiring and I am sure with so much stress around a doses of these positive thoughts can do wonders for people seeking help. As you rightly said life isn’t as rosy as it looks on social media, there is always another side to it that stays in dark. However with the power of positive thoughts one can take control of his/ her feelings and stay happy instead.

    Thanks for sharing! and hope you keep inspiring many more towards a better life😊

  5. Heyyyyy Meghana, Thanks a ton for this awesome article. I often go through this article whenever I feel lonely or sad. It makes me feel better & shows me a positive side to my problem. I just loved it. Also thanks for using the quote by Oprah Winfrey. It too inspires me a lot. Just keep writing . God bless you. Thanks Thanks & Thanks.

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